Wingnut Preacher’s Post-Shooting Rant: Planned Parenthood President ‘Loves Death’ (VIDEO)


Every shooting that happens in America causes a political uproar. The recent terrorist attack on a Colorado Springs, Colorado Planned Parenthood location, however, is even more politically divisive than many other shootings, because the right-wing has to face the fact that there’s no denying that this one was perpetuated by one of their own. Further, it has been shown that it is their own inflammatory rhetoric that helped push the terroristc shooter to the point of no return, resulting in yet another situation of traumatized people and tragic, senseless loss of life.

One Florida pastor is using the situation to his advantage, in an effort to further demonize Planned Parenthood, and, more specifically, the organization’s President Cecile Richards. In a crazed rant of a Sunday sermon, Jacksonville First Baptist Church Pastor McCall “Mac” Brunson, said that “in light [of] what we are living through,” he had to address the situation regarding Planned Parenthood. He was not, however, talking about the deranged actions of shooter Robert Lewis Dear; instead, Brunson attacked Cecile Richards. He told his rapt audience:

“I can get onto Planned Parenthood here. Who in the world is better to represent them than that president of Planned Parenthood? You’ve seen her on Ellen DeGeneres, you’ve seen her before Congress. She is so astute, she is so smart, she so sharp, she is attractive, she is so clean cut.

“But let me tell you something. She hates our God because she loves death.”

Many of Brunson’s brainwashed congregants shouted, “Amen!” which anyone who has ever had the misfortune of being a sheep in one of these hellfire and brimstone churches knows is the rallying cry for the “truth” of the pastor’s words, and against any dissenting opinions. After all, if you’re not perfectly brainwashed, you’re not “saved” in the minds of pastors like Brunson and religious nuts like his followers.

Brunson once again hammered the point home, saying:

“She loves death. Those doctors that practice that, they hate our God, they love death.

So, speaking out for the basic rights of women to choose what to do with their own bodies = hating God and loving death? Got it. That statement, as crazy as it is, explains quite a bit, though. People who think this way actually take what other people do with their own lives, actions and decisions that are personal and in no way intended to offend anyone and affect no one but that person, as some kind of personal affront, and an affront to their deity.

That would explain the justifications from right-wingers all over the internet for what this shooter did, and why they refuse to see him as the domestic terrorist that he is. In their minds, Robert Lewis Dear is standing up for their god and against death. As strange — not to mention dangerous — as the mental gymnastics it takes to get here are, it really does show where they are coming from. And this is what makes fundamentalism of any stripe so absolutely dangerous. People will do and support anything, no matter how atrocious, if they believe they are acting in the name of God.

Watch the video of Pastor Brunsen’s remarks below, via Crooks and Liars:

Featured image via video screen capture from Crooks and Liars