Trump Wants CNN To Pay Him HOW MUCH Just To Debate? (VIDEO)


The Republican selection of candidates for President of the United States in the upcoming 2016 election is dismal at best, terrifying if one was to be brutally honest.

Leading the pack of misfits is none other than real estate mogul Donald Trump. He’s leading the party polls by double digits which more than proves the Republican party of yore has ceased to exist. The voting base seems to want a candidate that is xenophobic, racist, Islamophobic, sexist, homophobic, and an all around ass — all of which is perfectly embodied in Donald Trump.

Now, proving even more what a giant, egotistical, narcissistic ass he is, he has decided that CNN has hurt is feelings, so he is demanding the network pay him the sum of $5 million just to show up. You see, he doesn’t like CNN reporting what he is actually saying and playing it on repeat. He’d much prefer they edit what he says to make him look like the citizen hero he believes he is in his own mind.

He told a crowd in Macon, Georgia:

“How about I tell CNN, who doesn’t treat me properly … I’m not gonna do the next debate, okay?”

Then the narcissist takes it a step further and says:

“I won’t do the debate unless they pay me $5 million, all of which goes to Wounded Warriors or goes to vets.”

So, he wants to be paid an incredible amount to even show up so he can give the money to veterans or… veterans. Got it.

Trump apparently doesn’t realize the amount of scrutiny that goes along with being a party frontrunner. His ego is huuuge, but apparently fragile. Wouldn’t want him to cry or anything.

In fact, Trump is behaving like a spoiled child who doesn’t like being called out on doing exactly what they are doing and then getting in trouble for doing it. This $5 million demand is nothing more than a giant temper tantrum aimed at CNN for calling him out on his shenanigans. Maybe a nice time out away from the debates is exactly what Trump needs and CNN should hold him to his threat of not showing up and say, “fine, don’t come then.” Not showing up to a debate would only work to Trump’s detriment as he wouldn’t be able to voice his opinion about the subjects at hand as his rivals could get in clear criticisms of him with no chance of rebuttal.

At the end of the day, hopefully people will wake up to the poppycock Trump is spewing daily and make him drift off into the dustbins of history.

Video: NBC/ Featured image: Gage Skidmore (flickr)