Ted Cruz Slaps Massacre Victims In The Face With Disgusting Rally At Gun Range (VIDEO)


It’s fairly obvious at this point that Republicans don’t really care to stop the epidemic of gun violence in the United States. This can probably be seen most clearly by Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz holding a rally at a gun range only days after the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, which claimed 14 lives, and left several others injured. The senator, quite literally didn’t even let the blood dry before promoting the very weapons that were used to kill so many innocent people.

Sure the rally, Cruz dubbed his National 2nd Amendment Coalition, was already scheduled prior to the massacre this week, but there’s this thing called “rescheduling” that he may have wanted to try out. He held the event at Crossroads Shooting Sports in Johnston, Iowa. A place that likes to say their purpose is to “To glorify God in all we do and to be a positive influence to all who come in contact with CrossRoads Shooting Sports LLC. Psalm 31:24” — who knew gun promotion was in the Bible? You learn something new every day.

Cruz’ spokesperson even had the audacity to say:

“Even in the midst of horrific events like this, we should never rush to take away the basic liberties enshrined in our Constitution that are guaranteed to law-abiding American citizens.”

If anything, Cruz and his band of merry assholes were probably beyond giddy that the massacre happened the same week as their second amendment event. It can prove to justify whatever twisted, morbid ideas they want to continue to push.

At the event held Friday, Cruz was so bold to go after people who have the audacity to want to put an end to these massacres, or at least slow their seemingly unending frequency. He said:

“What keeps us safe are that we are a free people who have the God-given right to protect our homes and our families and our lives. Liberal Democrats think it is insensitive to celebrate our constitutional rights in the wake of a terrorist attack. It is these constitutional rights that keep us safe. Strict gun control laws are an abysmal failure. They don’t work. You put them in place, you disarm the citizenry, the criminals have guns and crime goes up, murders go up, violent crime goes up… If you’re a gun-grabbing big government, debt loving, weak America leftist, then a Cruz campaign is your nightmare. The men and women in this room terrify them.”

Well, he’s not wrong about that last part. It is terrifying that a bunch of unstable, paranoid bigots walk around with loaded firearms and have small arsenals at home. However, the only reason gun control hasn’t worked as it’s supposed to is because gun laws aren’t all federal and vary from state to state. No one wants to “disarm the citizenry.” The “liberal Democrats,” who actually give a f*ck about humanity, want to prevent the wrong people from obtaining firearms. They seek to end straw purchases from state to state. They seek universal background checks. They seek limits and tracking on ammo purchases. These aren’t things that would disarm “law-abiding citizens,” these are things that will keep “law-abiding citizens” safe.

And let’s be real, the Second Amendment is out-dated and does not fit modern-day circumstances. As I’ve written before:

“We’ll never fully get rid of the Second Amendment, because those in power will never allow it knowing they’ll lose votes if they do. However, why not look at the Second Amendment and update to fit modern-day life? It is after all an amendment, and if it was a change to the Constitution in the first place, we can change it again to fit with the times.”

We no longer need civilian militias to fight our battles for us, thus the Second Amendment, ratified in 1791, has been rendered obsolete.

However, this notion is hardly going to get into the head of a smarmy opportunist like Ted Cruz. He’s the guy who posts pictures of himself praying on Twitter, and shuts down the government because he hates the idea of better access to health care. He may be interested in knowing that the Bible actually calls out the hypocrites who pray in public. And when you post on Twitter, guess what, that’s about as public as you can get.

If you can stomach it, here’s Cruz speaking about his event and what he believes the second amendment stands for. Don’t watch immediately after eating.

Featured image: Twitter