Top Republican Donor VOWS To Back Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump


If there’s one thing most logically thinking individuals can agree upon, it’s that Donald Trump is NOT good for America. His rhetoric is not only bigoted and inaccurate, but just flat-out damaging. The Republican frontrunner is already tarnishing the Republican brand in such a severe way that some folks are prepared to jump ship in the best interest of the nation.

One top donor for the Republican party is so appalled by Trump that he’s actually stated that if Trump were to be the nominee, he would throw his support behind Democratic frontrunner and likely nominee Hillary Clinton.

Who is this big money man? None other than Jeb Bush backer, billionaire healthcare magnate Mike Fernandez. He said:

“If I have a choice — and you can put it in bold — if I have a choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton, I’m choosing Hillary. She’s the lesser of two evils.”

That’s a pretty huge statement and pretty damn devastating for the Republican party if he sticks to his word. It would seem Trump is SO damaging for the Republican party that their tried and true backers are willing to put support behind a Democrat.

Fernandez is so appalled by Trump that he actually took out a full-page ad in the Miami Herald speaking out against him, calling the real estate mogul and presidential wannabe a “narcissistic BULLYionaire with a hunger to be adored.” Which, quite honestly, perfectly sums Trump up.

Fernandez also told the Herald:

“You have no idea how furious I am with my friends in the Republican Party who have embraced this guy… My frustration is really with that sector of Republican voters that are so blinded by the demagoguery. I know the campaign — or any other campaign — is not going to say it…. This is not about Jeb. This is about us. This is about the voter.”

As it stands, Fernandez is Jeb Bush’s biggest donor, giving over $3 million to the candidate’s Right to Rise PAC, but knowing that the former Florida Governor will likely not get the nomination, he already seems to be making back up plans.

What does this mean for the Republican party that one of their top donors is already willing to jump ship over a potential Trump nomination? It means he won’t be the only one. Trump is bad news for the GOP altogether. His policy ideas don’t completely match that of the party, and he seems to be using the Republican party to have a better chance at getting elected, rather that be a candidate that is best for conservative ideals.

Sure, Bernie Sanders jumped in the Democratic race for the nomination even though he is an independent Democratic Socialist, but at least his goals and ideas for the nation, for the most part, line up with the Democratic brand of politics. And, most certainly, Sanders is not damaging to the liberal brand. If anything, it’s quite the opposite, as he touts policy changes that desperately need to be made.

To be blunt? If Trump wins the nomination, there will undoubtedly be another Democrat in the White House for at least another four years, and with this top GOP donor already prepared to switch party support, it’s further proof of this fact.

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