These Muslims Reveal Heartbreaking Reality Of Their Lives In America Right Now (VIDEO)


Sam Cooke once sang that old T-Bone Walker song “Mean Old World,” and right now the western world, especially the United States, couldn’t be a meaner place for our Muslim brothers and sisters. To offer perspective and insight into the matter, AJ+ just released a video titled “How I Feel Right Now As A Muslim In America,” offering a heart-wrenching look inside the hearts and minds of innocent Muslims living under America’s current shroud of hate, fear and paranoia.


What is, perhaps, most troubling is that Muslim Americans are now living in a climate where they feel pressure, scorn and danger from their fellow Americans for violent actions carried out by Daesh not only here in the U.S., but virtually anywhere in the world. White Christians are certainly not stigmatized for the crazy, violent actions of white people all over the world, so why should our Muslim guests and citizens?

Each and every Paris attack, Boston bombing, Charlie Hebdo or San Bernardino tightens the lynching noose around peaceful, law-abiding Muslims’ throats here, in America, and it’s gotten so bad, so ramped up that even presidential candidates like Donald Trump are channeling ghosts of fascism’s past to call for an all-out ban on Muslims – even American citizens who happen to be abroad, simply because of their religious faith.

If that doesn’t paint a clear enough picture for you, it’s gotten so bad that even fellow Republican presidential candidates are telling Trump to “Go to hell!” over his dangerous, misguided and irresponsible statements. Hell, even Darth Cheney is denouncing such rhetoric, and everyone knows he works for the dark side. It doesn’t take the force to know Dick Cheney saying you went too far is a jaw-dropping moment in American history.

And before things do go too far, before Trump or anyone else makes another statement like pinning identification badges on all Muslims and America busts out its internment camps once again, take a moment and calm down, America. Listen to the words of innocent friends, citizens and Americans who just happen to be Muslim in the video above and ask yourself while you’re still somewhat rational whether years from now, looking back, you’ll have wanted your heart and humanity to win, or your destructive fear threatening to turn the U.S.A. into another one of history’s darkest chapters.

The time to decide which side of history you will be on is now.

Featured image courtesy of AJ+ via YouTube video screen capture.