Trump Guards Hurl Female Protester While Supporters Yell ‘Trump, Trump, Trump!’ (VIDEO)


On Friday, several waves of protesters disrupted Donald Trump’s speech at a private fundraising event for Pennsylvania Republicans at an upscale New York City hotel.

The protests followed the hotel magnate’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

Just outside the hotel, hundreds of protesters gathered. At some point later, several protesters entered the closed room upstairs where hundreds of Pennsylvania Republicans had paid $1,000-$2,500 a plate for at a state party fundraiser featuring Donald Trump, Politico reports.

A scuffle in the room interrupted Trump’s speech and some furnishings in the room were turned over.

At that point, security guards began to push the protesters, who carried a banner reading, “Islamophobia + Arabophobia are violence,” down a staircase to the ground floor.

The incident was captured on video in which one woman who was pushed to the ground can be heard saying, “What is wrong with you?”

Politico reports:

There, protesters and police continued their scuffle. One protester fell to the floor twice and as the group was pushed out of the building along with at least two reporters who were caught in the fray.

Back upstairs Jordan Wouk, a New York Democrat, along with his wife and two other protesters who had obtained tickets to the event, stood up and started a separate disturbance by reciting a revised version of German pastor Martin Niemoller’s famous poem about the rise of the Nazi Party, which in one common version begins, “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a socialist.” The protesters recited the first few lines of their version, which began “First they came for the Muslims,” before being ejected by security.

A third protest began at the event when two women at the event began singing. Protesters and reporters were shoved out the door.

Another clip of the incident was uploaded to Vine: As the woman is hurled down, shouts of ‘Trump, Trump, Trump!,” can be heard from the crowd.

“The protesters actually united the crowd,” said a Republican operative who would not give his name. “Because when you have an outside force come in, it gives you something to rally around.”

Naturally, conservatives give this a pass even though Trump rallies have proven to be more  like Gladiator fights with protesters being beaten in several states.

Let’s compare Obama to Donald Trump. About a dozen people armed with guns attended an Obama speech in Phoenix in 2009. One of the men had an AR-15 slung over his shoulder. Arizona is an Open Carry state so it’s perfectly legal.

At another event one week prior, an armed man in New Hampshire stood outside of a venue where Obama was giving a speech. He carried a sign reading, “It is time to water the tree of liberty.”

We’ll complete that Thomas Jefferson quote for him. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

That’s only two incidents. There have been more where people found it necessary to bring a lethal weapon to a rally where the President of the United States was speaking.

President Obama did not have the armed men roughed up, beaten or tossed out of the door by his security team.

Image: Screen grab