Donald Trump Has a New Plan For Stopping Protesters (VIDEO)


The Donald Trump campaign has come up with a new plan to deal with protesters who seek to interrupt his rallies, and so far, it seems to be working — sort of.

At nearly every campaign stop Trump makes, hecklers have been sneaking in among his supporters and interupting to chant things such as, “black lives matter” and “brown lives matter,” and the campaign is getting tired of it.

For example, on December 5, Donald Trump stormed off the stage at his Raleigh, North Carolina, rally after being interrupted ten times by a group of approximately 100 activists in a coordinated effort. The protesters were subsequently assaulted by both police and Trump supporters following the event coming to an end.

Trump has also earned criticism for his handling of protests, particularly after condoning an assault on a Black Lives Matter protester during a rally in Birmingham, Alabama, last month.

In an attempt to handle the protests, Trump’s new plan is to tell his supporters to hold up signs and chant “Trump! Trump!” if they notice a protester beginning to disrupt an event.

Before a rally in Des Moines on Thursday evening, the Trump campaign gave instructions to the crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen: We all know that as president of the United States, Mr. Trump will continue his lifelong defense of the right of free speech in America. As a matter of fact, he supports the First Amendment just as much as he supports the Second Amendment. However, some people are taking advantage of Mr. Trump’s hospitality by choosing to disrupt his rallies by using them as an opportunity to promote their own political messages. While they certainly have the right to free speech, this is a private event paid for by Mr. Trump. We have provided a safe protest area outside the venue for all protesters.

If a protester starts demonstrating in the area around you, please do not touch or harm the protester. This is a peaceful rally. In order to notify the law enforcement officers of the location of the protester, please hold a rally sign over your head and start chanting: Trump! Trump! Trump! Ask the people around you to do likewise until the officer removes the protester. Thank you for helping us make America great again.”

Approximately 30 minutes into the rally, the “protester detection system” was put to the test when someone in the crowd began to shout.

The crowd of around 1,500 people then began chanting “Trump,” and “USA,” as police rushed into the audience to remove the demonstrator from the crowd.

“That was exciting,” Trump said. “Out! Get ’em out.”

While it may be an effective method for removing protesters once they have disrupted the candidate, it is still not deterring the interruptions.

At a campaign on stop on Saturday in South Carolina, demonstrators once again caused a scene. With the dangerous and hateful rhetoric coming from the candidate, it is safe to say that he will continue to face backlash on the campaign trail, no matter how much his supporters chant his name.

Featured image via Twitter