Desperate Woman Charged With Attempted Murder After Botched Coat Hanger Abortion (VIDEO)


We have finally come to the time women’s rights advocates have been fearing: Women being criminally charged for attempting to control their own bodies. CBS News reports that Murfreesboro, Tennessee resident Anna Yocca is facing charges of attempted murder because she tried to perform an abortion on herself in a bathtub with a coat hanger. Yocca went to the hospital after severe hemorrhaging, and trying to seek medical help for herself has now cost  this poor woman her freedom. The hospital alerted the police as to what Yocca had done, and after delivering the 24-week fetus, she was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Yocca is currently being held in jail on $200,000 bond.

Of course, the cops are all acting as if the fetus, which was a parasite inside this woman’s body that she had every right to remove, is more important than this poor woman. Police Sergeant Kyle Evans said to local station WVF:

“The whole time she was concerned for her health, her safety and never gave any attention to the health and safety to the unborn child. Those injuries will affect this child for the rest of his life, all caused at the hands of his own mother.”

This is an absolutely despicable reaction to this whole situation. Not only should this woman have never been desperate enough to have to attempt to perform her own abortion in the first place, but she certainly should not be facing murder charges over a fetus. This is just what things were like in the pre- Roe v. Wade days: women nearly killing themselves out of desperation because they cannot receive a basic medical procedure because authorities want to treat a fetus like a fully formed human being. In fact, it is even worse now, because performing an abortion on oneself can actually, as we see in this case, be turned into very serious criminal charges.

Women are not incubators and broodmares, but that is just what these insane restrictions on a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion are turning us into. This woman does not belong in jail.

We thought this was over 45 years ago, but, as we see here, the fight is just beginning. When will people realize that bodily autonomy is a basic human right, that fetuses are NOT people, and that women have a constitutionally guaranteed right to an abortion?

Further, criminalizing abortion does not make it go away. It just makes desperate women do just what Anna Yocca did, and either attempt to self abort or go to back alley chop shops for similar procedures. This is what happens when the government has more control over a person’s body than that person herself does.

This is the world we live in now, people, and it is nothing short of horrifying.

Watch the CBS News report on this developing story below:

Featured image via screen capture from CBS News