Trump Tells Fox News “Muslims Are Sick People” (VIDEO)


On Fox News on Sunday, Donald Trump doubled down on his bigotry and declared that Muslims are “sick people,” and that they must help Trump to understand them.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Trump point blank about his call for banning Muslims and if he actually believes that every single person who practices the faith is a threat to national security. The GOP front runner tap danced around the question and instead continued on his path of fear mongering.

In an extremely hypocritical mass generalization, Trump, whose entire campaign is based on irrational bigoted hate, declared that there is a “tremendous hatred” within Muslims, and that he does not understand where it comes from.

“We have people flying into the World Trade Center, we have people shooting people in California like what happened last week, we have big problems — problems that nobody understands,” Trump told Wallace. “You don’t understand them, I don’t understand them, people don’t understand them. The Muslims have to help us figure out this tremendous hatred there. This tremendous hatred — where it comes from, I don’t know.”

Wallace then asked Trump why he is targeting a religion consisting of 1.6 billion people globally instead of calling for bans on immigration based on their country of origin.

“They’re sick people. There’s sickness going on,” he said. “There’s a group of people that’s very sick, and we have to figure out the answer. And the Muslims can help us figure out the answer.”

Following this insanely offensive statement, Wallace pointed out that even GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan has called Trump’s proposal an unconstitutional attack on religious freedom. The former reality star then bad-mouthed Ryan, stating that while he “likes him,” he is “very, very weak on illegal immigration, big on amnesty, very, very bad on our southern border. … It’s not the kind of thinking we need.”

Trump also responded to being labeled a demagogue by democratic candidates Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders by saying, “not me. It’s the opposite. I want to make our country safe… I have friends who don’t want to fly in airplanes anymore… there’s a fear out there.”

He also stated that he wishes to expand on his campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again,” by adding “Make America Safe Again.”

While Trump’s statements are so absurd that it is nearly comical, the problem is that he is creating a toxic environment where hate can thrive and is helping to take away the safety of American Muslims as bigots feel more and more empowered.

In the past week alone, since Trump called for the ban on Muslim immigration, there have been at least 19 hate crimes against Muslims or people believed to be Muslim. So far, 2015 has been the deadliest year on record for American Muslims, with 63 recorded attacks on mosques.

While Trump continues to demand that Muslims are a huge threat to our safety based on the actions of few, he is radicalizing his own base who are proving to be far more dangerous.

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