Jeb Bush Sends Out Most Pathetic Campaign Email of ALL TIME


Jeb Bush is offering his supporters a fantastic Christmas gift, he will stop spamming them until the end of the year… for a small fee of $25.

In perhaps one of the most desperate campaign emails of all-time, the younger Bush brother warned his supporters on Monday that his team is about to spam them like crazy before the final fundraising deadline — but that it can all be avoided if you pay them. The subject of the email read, “Deal for you.”

“As an early Christmas present, I wanted to give you the chance to save yourself some email traffic later this month,” the campaign email stated.

The campaign then warned that they are going to spam their supporters like crazy, but if you pay the low $25 one-time fee, you will be spared until January 1.

“That’s right. If you chip in just $25 or more before December 15 at midnight, you won’t receive another email from us asking for money. You’ll still receive updates from the trail though, so don’t worry about that.”

The email links to his donation page three times while begging for the funding.

“I can’t do this without you, friend. Please contribute $25 or more right now and opt out of fundraising emails for the month,” the Bush campaign pleads.

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A screenshot posted by Ashley Feinberg to Gawker confirms that the campaign is already pretty excessive with the emails, sometimes even sending more than one per day.

In conclusion, Bush is desperate. His campaign is also aware that they are terribly annoying and have decided to use the only thing they have going for them and are offering to let people pay them to go away. It is actually difficult not to feel sorry for someone offering to leave for money.

In recent weeks the Florida governor has plunged in the polls — CNN’s latest currently has him sitting around 3%.

The super PAC supporting Bush, Right to Rise, has already blown through $50 million of the $103 million that they brought in during the first half of 2015. This leaves the PAC with approximately $67 million heading into 2016.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm, Bush campaign manager Danny Diaz remains positive and issued a statement last week saying, “we are confident will deliver the Republican nomination and win the White House.”

His donors are less optimistic.

“He should have hit at least $25 million,” one major Republican fundraiser, who like requested anonymity, told the Washington Post.

“Some donors are really nervous,” said another top Bush fundraiser. “They think they bought into a winner. . . . Donors want to see him campaign to win.”

While the Bush campaign continues to blow through funds at an insane pace, he seems to not yet have learned the simple fact that money can’t buy you love.

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