Bryan Cranston DESTROYS ‘Propagandist’ Trump In New Interview, And It’s Amazing


Propaganda and rhetoric have long been used as tools for those in politics. They can stir fear, get people to the polls, start wars, and get people to hate one another all for political gain of some politician somewhere who likely doesn’t even give a shit about you, just their own political aspirations.

Enter Donald Trump. Watching Trump’s candidacy for the Oval Office has been mesmerizing. Not in a fantastic, this man is going to save the nation sort of way, but rather, holy shit, he’s a frickin’ trainwreck sort of way, and you’re just waiting every day to hear the amount of damage that he’s caused. He’s a real estate mogul and an entertainer, the ultimate in being able to bullshit. He can build and sell property the same way he can build and sell himself to the American public, and those who are dumb enough to buy the house with the roof caving in on a hill prone to earthquakes, are likely the same folks falling for Trump’s schtick of being able to “Make America Great Again.”

Newsflash — it already is great.

Speaking out against Trump to The Hollywood Reporter is none other than Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston. He pointed out the parallels between Donald Trump and this new era of propaganda and the time in which Dalton Trumbo was around. Trumbo, of course, being Cranston’s new role about the blacklisted screenwriter accused of Communist influences in the movie industry during the McCarthy era.

Regarding Trump’s remarks saying that he would ban Muslims, Cranston said:

“You’d expect in a third-world dictatorship that civil liberties are taken away, but not in a civilized society. It happened then [during Trumbo’s career], and it’s happening again, now with fear-mongering, which is an extremely effective wedge in a society.”

However, delving deeper into the atrocity that is Donald Trump, Cranston continues:

“It’s not surprising from this man, who has presented himself as a carnival barker. He’s a propagandist and a demagogue. He is actually presenting no approach about what we would do and how we would do it except to say these fantastical ideas that are contrary to our Constitution and who we are as a people.”

And Cranston is exactly right. Trump is inciting rage and fear not for any reason other than to draw attention to himself, ignite a base of racist, xenophobic voters, and eventually win the popularity contest White House. He has absolutely no plans for actually running the nation. He’s in this election purely for some weird, self-fulfilling goal to see if he can actually manipulate people into believing he should be president. Saying things are going to be “great” or the “best ever” aren’t actual policy positions. They are simply lines being sold by a man who knows how to sell things. And unfortunately, it’s working, because unfortunately, too many in America are too dumb to know any better and have the simplistic thinking of a toddler being offered candy for dinner.

Good on Cranston for speaking out against Trump and speaking the truth about the parallels between Trump and McCarthyism. It needed to be said, and hopefully people will soon start getting the message that Trump is bad for America.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore (Wikimedia Commons/Flickr)