Right-Wing Troll Arrested For Encouraging Murder Of President, Liberals On Fox News Site


Internet comments sections are often a cesspool of crazy. This is even more so on conservative sites, where many of the commenters actually believe themselves to be acting in the name of God. Well, it seems that one particular keyboard warrior who frequented the comments sections on the Fox News websites finally went too far.

Meet 57-year-old Scott Anthony Orton of Pullyup, Washington. He fancies himself a vital part of the Fox News community, and calls himself “Joseywhales” online. Like many internet addicts, it seems that Mr. Orton’s online fantasy life is more important than his real one, and he spent so much time on right-wing comments sections — the Fox site in particular — that he lost sight of the fact that it is, oh, you know, illegal to threaten people’s lives. Especially that of the President. This is, however, just what Mr. Orton did.

He was particularly interested in violence against those who work for StemExpress, which is a company that receives and uses tissue for research purposes. It also just happens to be the same company that the bogus Planned Parenthood videos went after. And after what just happened at that Planned Parenthood in Colorado at the hands of another right-wing lunatic who believed the lies in those videos, it would be a safe bet that authorities are taking no chances.

Orton’s online activities earned him a visit from U.S. Marshals, who hauled him into custody for his threats and calls for murder. He wrote in the comments under one article:

“Kill StemExpress employees. I’ll pay you for it.”

That isn’t all, either. This good conservative soldier also posted the information of a specific employee, and urged his fellow crazy people on Fox Nation to go after her, saying:

“Someone needs to double tap the [executive] of StemExpress. She lives in Placerville CA.”

“I think I’ll take a little trip to Placerville this weekend. I hear there’s some good hunting down Placerville way …”

Those statements are, of course, direct threats, so, to that end, Orton was picked up by the Feds. However, in his mind,there is a perfect reasonable explanation for what he said over on Fox Nation. He says it is his job to  “wake people up” by making sure they have  ” a mental picture with words. I’m a wordsmith. That’s what I do.”

Indeed. It seems that Orton has been going on these crazy rants online under his “Joseywhales” handle for some time. Newshounds has evidence of his going on a murderous rant against Baltimore Attorney Marilyn Mosby, again, threatening her life:

“I’ll pay ten thousand dollars to the one who fires the shot that takes out Marilyn Mosby. Federal employees would be a lot more respectful if they knew that we knew where they live and where their kids go to school.”

He also threatened the president on Reddit:

“Hey barack: ever see a skull explode?”


“Hey barack. You should hang by your neck until you feet quit kickin.”

In fact, the antics of “Joseywhales” seem to go all the way back to 2011, where Little Green Footballs blogger Charles Johnston saw this same idiot threatening then-Attorney General Eric Holder in a nonsensical rant against “Fast and Furious”:

“N i g g a r Holder, you are a d e a d man. You are a d e a d man walking. We got us a d e a d man walking here. D e a d man walking.”

And of course, since this fool is a white Christian, he has been ordered released on bond, where he can live to rant another day, until he appears in court on Dec. 29.

Featured image via Socioecohistory