Ted Cruz Wants To Openly Hate Muslims, Blames Obama For Condemning Hate Speech (VIDEO)


There aren’t a lot of people who will openly admit to being a bigot, but Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) seems to be the exception. The Republican presidential candidate is really mad at President Obama. Why? Well, the president had the audacity to condemn anti-Islam hate speech. You see, Cruz wants to be able to openly make broad and false assumptions surrounding an entire religion.

Cruz goes on about anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney and his “Nevada Security Action Summit.” Which I can only assume is the annual gathering for nationwide bunker dwellers to come together, shed their tinfoil hats for the evening, and go over how much white people are oppressed and minorities are taking over the planet.

Cruz stated:

“Frank Gaffney has been attacked over and over again for having the courage to stand up and speak the name ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ of the enemy that is waging jihad against us.”

But the kicker of Cruz’ temper tantrum was when he went after Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who had the audacity to condemn hate speech because it can be seen as inflammatory and used to aid radical extremists in their quest to recruit people to hate the United States and the west. However, Lynch didn’t “ban anti-Muslim rhetoric,” but rather spoke out against it and said she would go after those who took action against Muslims, saying that federal authorities would “prosecute deeds and not words.” So, in all actuality Cruz lies when he says Lynch banned “anti-Muslim rhetoric.” But his knuckledragging supporters won’t know he lied, because why on earth would they fact check when hating the president and the Attorney General, both people of color, is so much more fun.

Senator Cruz and his anti-Muslim language is severely dangerous. His hate speech only aids ISIS and their message that the United States wants to destroy their religion. His inflammatory remarks, alongside that of Trump, Rubio, Christie, and pretty much the entire GOP clown car of candidates, only serves to fuel violence and trumpet the call for war. You cannot condemn an entire religion for the actions of a few who do not represent the true meaning of the faith. That’d be like judging all Christians by the hateful actions and language of Ted Cruz, it’s not fair, and it needs to be strongly condemned.



Featured image: YouTube