Fact Checkers Exhausted Trying To Find Just One Claim Trump Has Made That’s True


Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s claims have been checked and it didn’t go down well for the hotel magnate. We’re picturing fact-checkers slumped over at their desks with a bottle of aspirin nearby.

With each claim that was vetted, not one was rated as ‘true.’ While the rest of us have been scratching our heads over the GOP frontrunner’s wild assertions, the long list of the billionaire candidate’s bombastic claims is now forever noted on the pages of Politifact.

No matter what Trump claims though, his supporters eat it up.

He has stated that President Obama wants the U.S. to take in 250,000 people from Syria, and that earned him a ‘pants on fire’ award from the fact-checkers.

Trump’s lies or half-truths are rated below:

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Politifact reports:

Trump claims that in early 2000, almost two years before the Sept. 11 attacks, “I wrote about Osama bin Laden: ‘We’ve got to take him out.’”

Trump’s book did not contain those words or their clear likeness.

“According to Pew Research, among others, there is great hatred towards Americans by large segments of the Muslim population,” Trump declared earlier this month.

That statement was rated ‘mostly false.’

Trump who says he will garner the African-American vote, tweeted just one day after a black activist was kicked and punched by voters at a rally in Alabama for the Republican candidate, an image packed with racially loaded and incorrect murder statistics.

“Almost every number in the image is wrong,” Politifact reports. “The statistics on white victims are exaggerated five-fold. The police-related deaths are off as well.”

Trump claims that he witnessed ‘thousands’ of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating after the attacks on sept. 11,2001.

That statement earned him a ‘pants on fire,’ an award which should now be shared with quite a few Conservatives who jumped on the Truther bandwagon with him.

Trump said the federal government is sending refugees to states with governors who are “Republicans, not to the Democrats.”

Wrong again, Sport.

Politifact reports:

The numbers show that Democratic-led states recently received almost as many refugees as — and by some calculations, even more refugees than — Republican-led states on a per capita basis.

Here’s another doozy:

Trump said his tax plan would not increase the deficit.

Free market-oriented and liberal groups alike say Trump’s tax plan would lead to a $10 trillion revenue loss, even if it did create economic growth.

In a debate, Trump claimed that he “never said that” Marco Rubio was Mark Zuckerberg’s personal senator, however, his own website states exactly that.

Donald The Truth-teller said Says Bernie Sanders is going to “tax you people at 90 percent.” With that statement, Trump earned himself a ‘pants on fire.’

No, Mr. Trump, the U.S. does not have the ‘highest tax rate anywhere in the world.’

The unemployment rate is not at 42 percent.

The birther movement was not started by Hillary Clinton.

On the CNN debate last night with Republican candidates lined up onstage, Jeb Bush said, “Two months ago, Donald Trump said that ISIS was not our fight. Just two months ago.”

Trump responded, “Never said that.”

Jeb Bush’s claim is rated as ‘mostly true.’ It would have been rated as ‘true’ except that it was five months ago Trump said that instead of two.

And we just gave you the short list of Trump’s fabrications.

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