Looks Like Sanders’ Camp More Guilty Than They Care To Admit, Clinton Campaign Responds


While it’s disappointing to hear that the Bernie Sanders campaign took part in this data breach, they did, and it’s worse than previously thought. This is not a coup on the Sanders’ campaign, this is simply pointing out reality and facts.

According to TIME:

“The logs show the Sanders campaign accessed the Clinton data for nearly one hour beginning around 10:40 p.m. Wednesday. The Sanders staffers were apparently able to view unique voter information along with accompanying information about how likely the voters were to vote for the various candidates, crucial information that the Clinton campaign has likely spent millions of dollars to collect.”

And while the Sanders camp is currently trying to backpedal and state that weaknesses in the data system were apparently there since October and their data may have been compromised as well, they have not been able to come forth with any evidence proving that to be the case.

The Sanders campaign is also trying to state that no data was actually downloaded, stating, “They didn’t download it—they went in looked around,” as though that’s so much better. Meanwhile, Brian Fallon, Hillary for America’s national press secretary, stated to the contrary:

“We were informed that our proprietary data was breached by Sanders campaign staff in 25 searches by four different accounts and that this data was saved into the Sanders’ campaign account. We are asking that the Sanders campaign and the DNC work expeditiously to ensure that our data is not in the Sanders campaign’s account and that the Sanders campaign only have access to their own data.”

Which certainly seems reasonable. It also points out that the original story of there being only one staffer involved in the breach is absolutely false, considering four different accounts were used. And while the Sanders’ campaign claims no data was stored, according to the NGP VAN software, staffers did, in fact, store data into folders.

The DNC has every right to give just consequence to the Sanders’ campaign for this breach of data, whether Sanders himself was aware of it or not. You are the company you keep, and perhaps he needs to take a better look at who’s working for him and let go of those who would act in this manner. Sanders certainly doesn’t need to have a corrupt staff in order to win. He’s doing quite well on his own, with crowd momentum on his side, taking in over 2 million individual cash donations.

What’s most disappointing about all of this is the infighting that has been created between those who support Clinton and those who support Sanders. It only aids in helping Republicans, who are likely sitting back and enjoying every last minute of this scandal. While Clinton supporters have said they will support Sanders in the general election, because a unified front is what we need to keep the GOP out of the White House, many from the Sanders side have said that they refuse to vote for Clinton out of mere principle. These people, to be frank, are selfish in their intent if they would prefer a Republican over Hillary Clinton, just to watch her lose out of spite. To these people, grow the f*ck up. There’s a lot more at stake that many would care to realize, such as marriage equality, justice for minorities, and World War III, so hopefully many of these tried and true Sanders supporters will think long and hard about the consequences of their ‘take their ball and go home’ attitudes.

Whoever gets the nomination should get the support of the other candidate’s supporters, if not, that selfishness only serves to aid in a Republican victory and the end of all progress that has been achieved.

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