Nurses Union Issues Warning to DNC Over Attack on Sanders Campaign


National Nurses United, the largest union and professional association of registered nurses in U.S. history, who is strongly backing Bernie Sanders, has issued a scathing press release regarding the Democratic National Committee’s attack on his campaign.

The union strongly condemned what it called “the latest blatant effort by the Democratic National Committee to rig the primary process.”

They also issued a warning to the party of consequences of their actions that may come back to haunt them next November.

“What the DNC should clearly understand is they are playing a very dangerous game. Their cynical effort to stack this process could well turn off millions of voters who they will need to win an election next November,” NNU Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro said.

The nurse’s union did not just comment on the current attempt to sabotage the Vermont senator’s campaign, but also spoke out against the debate schedule set by Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

“The DNC decision to hold a debate on the Saturday night before Christmas, at a time when they know far fewer people will be watching is one of multiple indications that the DNC is determined to hold stack the deck for their preferred candidate and will do whatever they can to engineer the electoral process on her behalf,” DeMoro said.

In their press release was also a list of signs that they believe proves that the DNC is actively working against Sanders.

  • Limiting the number of debates, and scheduling the two most recent debates on Saturday nights to restrict the viewership – in sharp contrast to the Republican Party, which has held far more debates, and on weeknights to encourage viewership. As the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent wrote today, “it’s true that the Clinton camp did lobby the DNC early on for a lower-exposure debate schedule.”
  • Pressuring Democratic elected officials and other super delegates to line up behind Clinton with early endorsements.
  • The decision to block Sanders campaign from use of a master voter file list in an obvious attempt to weaken its ability to reach Democratic voters just a few weeks before voting begins in the early primary and caucus states.
  • The timing on today’s DNC announcement, coming just hours after the reporting of two major new endorsements for Sanders, by the Communications Workers of America and Democracy for America, a major group of grassroots activists, as well as reporting that the Sanders campaign had recorded more than 2 million individual contributions.

Late Thursday night, the DNC announced that they are cutting off the Sanders campaign’s access to its comprehensive 50-state voter file that lists voter patterns and preferences, which effectively halts their ability to reach out to voters.

They DNC claims that during a 30-minute glitch in NGP VAN, the vendor that handles the DNC’s voter data, the firewall went down and a low-level Sanders staffer gained access to Clinton’s notes in the database.

What they failed to mention is the fact that this wasn’t the first time the firewall had went down, and that the Sanders campaign were the ones who originally alerted the DNC to the issue, in October — as their glitch meant that their own data was also left vulnerable.

The staffer who had looked at the Clinton campaigns information was promptly fired, though he claims that he had only looked to see how badly Sander’s own data was breached during the firewall outage.

Now, Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver has threatened to file a federal lawsuit against the party if they do not return access to the campaign’s data.

“The DNC should immediately reverse this blatantly partisan decision. We need a fair election, not a coronation,” DeMoro said.

The statement concluded to note the decision of the DNC, quietly reported earlier this year, to reopen its national convention to corporate sponsors, “part of an overall recognition of its long-term allegiance, like their Republican counterparts, to Wall Street and corporate America, ties that are threatened by the Sanders campaign and his big army of supporters.”

A petition to reinstate Sanders’ access to the database, launched on following the DNC’s announcement, had already reached 191,547 signatures by early Friday evening.

“We demand that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz immediately reinstate the Bernie Sanders campaign’s access to the DNC’s 50-state voter file, which is crucial for voter outreach in the last weeks before the first Democratic caucuses. Shutting down Sanders’ tools to reach voters is an infringement on democracy,” the petition reads.

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The Sanders campaign has also started a petition, it reads:

Here’s the truth: from the first day of this campaign, our success has shocked many of the Democratic Party Establishment who would have preferred a coronation over a competitive campaign.

This week, due to a fault in their own technology platforms, the DNC took unprecedented steps to take away our access to data accumulated through tens of thousands of voter contacts made by our volunteers — supporters like you who power our political revolution. In essence, the Democratic Establishment is effectively shutting down our ability to access the information we need for field campaigns and volunteer activities just six weeks before the Iowa Caucuses.

Sign our petition telling the Democratic National Committee — in no uncertain terms — that you expect a level playing field in this primary campaign. This is important.

Featured image via National Nurses United