Rubio: I Hated The Spending Bill So Much That I Didn’t Vote Against It


On Friday, Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio, the Senator from Florida, missed another vote, adding to his lengthy list of absent votes which have dogged him for months.

A $1.8 trillion package of spending and tax cuts was passed with bipartisan support. That in itself is remarkable considering the years of Congressional dysfunction we’ve grown accustomed to.

Only two senators did not vote.

Rubio did not vote even though the slammed the bill.

He hated it so much he just didn’t bother showing up to vote.

Meanwhile, three Republican Senate colleagues running for president each cast votes.

Ahead of its passage, Rubio slammed the bill during an interview on Thursday.

“I know enough to say we’re going to oppose it, and I know enough to say that we should use every procedural aspect that we have to slow it down and perhaps force some changes on these things that we’ve been discussing,” he said on Fox News Channel, according to The Washington Post.

Rubio has been busy with fundraising and campaigning and will be holding events in Iowa and Missouri this week.

The Washington Post reports:

A study by Vocativ and Govtrack earlier this year found Rubio to be the most absent member of the Senate.

Rubio justified his non-vote by saying in an interview with CBS News that, “In essence, not voting for it is a vote against it.”



What he’s saying here makes no sense at all. Rubio said just after not casting a vote, “That’s why I’m out campaigning because I want these votes to matter again.”

Rubio issued a statement through his Senate office.

“Washington’s leadership has created another massive spending bill in secret and rammed it through Congress, hoping that the American people don’t notice or have become numb to this kind of business as usual,” he said.

After the bill was passed, both sides claimed victory.

“We passed more major legislation in a few weeks than we have in a few years,” Paul Ryan just after the vote.

The New York Times reports:

The White House and Congressional Democrats said they had thwarted the Republicans’ main policy goals, including efforts to cut off government financing for Planned Parenthood and put restrictions on Syrian and Iraqi refugees, while securing a number of their own priorities, including tax benefits for working Americans and to promote renewable energy.

And then there was Marco Rubio who didn’t bother showing up to oppose the bill he previously and presently claims to oppose.

Rubio holds the title of the worst attendance record of any senator seeking a presidential nomination.

But we’re sure when he becomes President (he won’t become President), he’ll work tirelessly to get our country in order by not showing up because by being absent, he is is opposing something that’s vastly important.

‘Hello Mr. President, we need you here asap. ISIL is attacking on American soil.’

President Rubio, ‘Well if I’m not there it means I oppose whatever they are doing so we’re good. Going back to bed now.’