Right-Wing Extremist Priest Blames Planned Parenthood for Clinic Shooting


An outspoken right-wing extremist priest has taken to the airwaves to blame Planned Parenthood and pro-choicers for the shooting at the Colorado Springs clinic, instead of looking in the mirror.

Frank Pavone, the president of “Priests for Life”, has close ties to Operation Rescue, the organization behind the “Center for Medical Progress,” who produced the deceiving films about Planned Parenthood which the gunman referred to following his act of terrorism. He has also been making appearances with GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

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Posted by Father Frank Pavone on Thursday, December 10, 2015

In 2003, Pavone co-authored a book with Operation Rescue’s leaders Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger, called Their Blood Cries Out. The extremist literature states that the “biblical duty” of government “rightly involves executing convicted murderers, including abortionists, for their crimes in order to expunge bloodguilt from the land and people.” His book also states that women who have abortions should be considered murderers, and therefore be executed.

In an interview on the Ave Maria Radio network earlier this week, the priest stated that “nobody should be blamed” for the actions of anti-choice terrorist Robert Dear, yet went on to blame the “pro-aborts,” for saying that sometimes it is okay to kill — referring to unborn fetuses.

“It’s a silly thing to be blaming responsibility on one another for these kinds of things,” Pavone said in the interview. “We don’t know who this man was, what’s going on inside his head. God knows if anyone will ever be able to figure it out.”
Following the terrorist act, Dear proclaimed “no more baby parts,” to an officer at the scene, referring to the false claims made in the Center for Medical Progress videos. He also interrupted courtroom proceedings to declare that he is a “warrior for the babies,” so, Pavone was incorrect. We do know his motivation, and it was the insane rhetoric coming from people like this priest.

Regardless, the kooky priest went on to blame the “pro-aborts” anyways.

“But if the other side, if the pro-aborts,” he continued, “are going to go down this road of saying — as they have done for decades, by the way, this is like the 500th time we’ve been through this with them — if they’re going to go down this road of blaming the violence on the rhetoric, well then you know what? If we’re going to take up that argument, which I don’t think we should take up anyway, but if we are and if we have to respond to it, then they’re the ones at fault. Because which side of this debate is saying that sometimes it’s okay to kill an innocent person? Which side is saying that, that sometimes it’s okay to choose to end a life to solve a problem?”

Yes, this “man of god” stated that the massacring of innocent people is the fault of those who are for women’s reproductive rights — because terminating a pregnancy is the same as cold blooded murder of a living human being.

Pavone didn’t stop there, though. He then declared that those who want women to have the right to bodily autonomy are “poisoning the moral climate of our nation,” and asserted that the support of Planned Parenthood will inevitably lead to his fellow lunatics killing “born people” to solve a “problem,” problem being women’s rights to their own bodies.

“This is the argument against them, so they better keep quiet and stop this nonsense of blaming Carly Fiorina or me or the whole pro-life movement for these deranged acts of violence,” he said. “If they’re going to start going down that road, they’re the ones that have to take responsibility for poisoning the moral climate in our nation by saying that sometimes you can kill a baby to solve a problem. You don’t think some kind of crazy people are going to pick up that logic and say, ‘Well then sometimes you can kill born people to solve a problem’?”

With this priest repeatedly pushing a justification for killing those who support a woman’s right to choose, it is very safe to say that this extremist, and those who share his views, are a danger to society — that includes presidential candidates.

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