WATCH: Tina Fey And Amy Poehler As Palin And Hillary Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day


SNL’s Tina Fey resurrected her Sarah Palin character last night joining Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton playing the part of the Ghost Clinton 2008 with Kate McKinnon playing Clinton now.

McKinnon’s Clinton shows her preparing for bed in her pantsuit pajamas when she is visited by the ghost of Hillary Past.

She warns McKinnon’s Clinton that she was confident, too, until “someone named Barack Obama stumbled out of a soup kitchen with a basketball and a cigarette and ruined my life.”

Then she reveals who the Republican  frontrunner is to the Ghose of Clinton: Donald Trump. That news makes her collapse,  “Oh my god we’re going to be president!”

As smoke whirls around the room, Tiny Fey appears as  Sarah Palin Past saying,  “Oh geez it looks like I went through time and space. What the heck! I landed in the bedroom of a lesbian couple!”

At that point, Palin gives the Clintons advice while tossing up some word salad as only the former Governor of Alaska can do.

Watch, uploaded by SNL:



At one point, the Ghost of Hillary Past says she needs to go back to 2008 and ‘send a bunch of email’ when Hillary of the present day grabs her cell phone and smashes it. “Trust me, you’ll thank me later,” she tells Hillary of 2008.

Then they dance, because of course.

A rememberable quote by Tina Fey on Sarah Palin:

And, you know, politics aside, the success of Sarah Palin and women like her is good for all women – except, of course —those who will end up, you know, like, paying for their own rape ‘kit ‘n’ stuff, But for everybody else, it’s a win-win. Unless you’re a gay woman who wants to marry your partner of 20 years – whatever. But for most women, the success of conservative women is good for all of us. Unless you believe in evolution. You know – actually, I take it back. The whole thing’s a disaster.”

And let’s face it, the only way Sarah Palin will ever be in the White House is in her wildest dreams and she still wouldn’t be there in an official capacity. Thank goodness for reality.

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