Here’s Why Hillary Clinton Was Late Back to the Debate Podium


Hillary Clinton was awkwardly late to arrive back to the stage following a brief break during Saturday’s debate, and its apparently because she refused to share a bathroom (containing multiple stalls) with a Martin O’Malley staffer who also had to go.

Seemingly to avoid having to share the restroom with anyone else, Clinton had a staffer stationed outside the bathroom. The unnamed staffer is a terrible bathroom fascist however, and reportedly allowed Lis Smith, the deputy campaign manager for Martin O’Malley, inside.

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Lis Smith/Twitter

During the break, Clinton had exactly one minute and 45 seconds to get to the bathroom and another minute and 45 seconds to return back to her podium. Upon her arrival however, she found that the bathroom, which again — had multiple stalls, was already occupied. Unbothered by potentially holding up the debate, Clinton opted to wait for Smith to exit before she would go in.

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill told the Boston Globe that there wasn’t a security reason preventing the former secretary of state from sharing a bathroom, likely because everyone who enters a debate is heavily searched — TSA style. While Bipartisan Report was not present for Saturday’s debate in Manchester,  we were definitely searched by the Secret Service before we were permitted to enter the debate hall to even photograph the candidates at the last Democratic debate in Iowa.

When Clinton finally made her way back to the stage, applause interrupted moderator David Muir who was asking Senator Sanders a question on income inequality.

Clinton gave a proud smile and simply said, “Sorry,” as the moderator returned to asking his question to the Vermont senator. No further explanation for her delay was given at the time.

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This isn’t Clinton’s first time not being punctual about getting back to the debate stage following a commercial break, either.

During the first Democratic debate in October, Clinton also returned late to the podium.

“You know, it does take me a little longer,” Clinton explained. It is unclear if there also happened to be someone in another stall during that debate as well.

Considering how much the Democratic National Committee, and its leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz, have short changed democratic voters on debates and chances to get to know the other candidates, every second should be utilized. ABC News rightly opted to go ahead and carry on without her, though they have received some criticism for showing her empty podium –despite the fact that Clinton knew when she needed to be back.

As Bernie Sanders flies coach, sometimes even taking the dreaded middle seat, Clinton cannot even use a restroom with several stalls at the same time as a lowly staffer — and people wonder why so many find the former first lady to be out of touch.

Featured image via ABC News