FACT: President Obama Has Taken Less Vacation Than George Bush & Ronald Reagan


When President Obama and his family go on a vacation, right wing hysteria inevitably ensues while Conservatives disregard the fact that presidents don’t really enjoy an actual vacation because their work goes with them.

As it happens, President Obama has taken fewer vacation days than George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. Of course, Conservatives always come back with, “But Bush took most of his vacations at his ranch in Texas,” however, the lone star state is not the only place presidents call home and wish to visit.

A breathless article at Breitbart noted exactly that in 2013.

And while Bush spent more time outside of Washington than Obama, it is also worth nothing [sic] that nearly all of Bush’s vacations were trips back to his Texas ranch or family vacation homes in Maine.

While being ‘that guy,’ a writer for Red State wrote last week:

Look, I actually don’t want to be That Guy, but: the President’s annual vacation to Hawaii costs taxpayers millions of bucks. And it’s not just the cash. It’s the cash, and the overtime, and the extra security, and the associated annoyances that come from having to operate around the security, and the general disruption of other people’s schedules.

The claim of added security costs while presidents are on vacation has already been debunked.

And even if we took their point of view to heart (we do not), Occupy Democrats notes:

For argument’s sake let’s just say conservative pundits were right, and the cost to the taxpayer increases when President Obama goes on vacation. Even by their own incorrect logic, the president has spent less money than the two-term Republican presidents of the past by taking fewer vacation days — in Bush’s case, that’s more than four times less.

While George W. Bush vacationed at his ranch for a month, warnings about 9/11 fell on deaf ears, but you won’t hear about that from Conservatives such as the author at Red State.

He suggests the First Family doesn’t vacation at Camp David because there is no golf course. Of course, George W. Bush played golf, too, but the author apparently forgives Obama’s predecessor of that heinous crime.

Interestingly, a commenter at Red State wrote:

First off, Pres. Obama is still making decisions… this isn’t 1940, we have the capability… Secondly, I just can’t begrudge any president going home for a holiday vacation. If he and congress could find a way the make the security apparatus that is needed to protect him cheaper, then they should always look at that, but yeah… It’s Christmas… he deserves to be home. We all deserve to be home for the holidays.

Another commenter suggested Obama’s home for the holidays might be “Kenya.” Sure, Obama was born Kenya because he’s a scary black man. 

After writing an entire article demonizing Obama for taking a vacation, Red State writes, “Every day Barack Obama is out of Washington is a day that he’s not actually making decisions; which is to say, it’s a day where he’s not making wrong decisions.”

At any rate, it is Christmastime and if the President didn’t spend time with his family, Conservatives would surely suggest their marriage is in shambles.

And when Obama is working hard at the White House while stretching out his feet onto the desk, Conservatives complain then, too, even though George W. Bush was also known to recline in the same fashion.

President Obama just can’t win.

Image: Flickr.