Is the Federal Election Commission Gearing Up to Mess With Sanders?


On Wednesday, Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted out a quote from the campaign trail, seems like no big deal, right? The problem is, the tweet came from his Senate account, not his campaign account, and the general counsel of the Campaign Legal Center is saying that using his Senate resources for his presidential campaign is a violation of the rules.

The statement, a sentiment he has echoed throughout his entire Senate career, was from a campaign speech he gave on Tuesday evening at Iowa Western Community College — which is where some are saying that things get muddy.

It also came just days after the New Hampshire Democratic debate, where Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton stated on the debate stage that “everyone should” love her, referring to her relationship with CEOs in corporate America.

Sanders was quick to chime in on her comment, stating “CEOs of large multinationals may like Hillary,” but, “they ain’t gonna like me. And Wall Street is gonna like me even less.”

His campaign was quick to his defense regarding the account the tweet was sent from.

“The exchange was around Wall Street and would Wall Street love Senator Sanders. He answered no because he has worked his entire political life out there on behalf of working class families,” Symone Sanders, a campaign spokeswoman told the Hill.

She continued on to explain that this isn’t something new, and that standing with working families against corporate America and Wall Street is what Senator Sanders has been saying and doing throughout his entire career.

“Sen. Sanders has been talking about taking on Wall Street and defending working families for his entire career,” the aide said. “He has said similar things on the floor of the Senate and the House. This tweet simply expands on that message, which has been the central theme of his political life.”

Still, it remains unclear if the Federal Election Commission or the Senate will jump in and make a mountain of this mole hill. If they do, it will surely energize his base even further, as the Democratic National Committee recently learned after blocking off Sanders’ campaign from accessing their own data. The Vermont Senator raised one million dollars in a single day as a result of the action taken against him.

“That is getting very close to the line on what is campaign oriented, especially in the context of what was said at the debate,” Lawrence Noble, general counsel of the Campaign Legal Center, told The Hill. He further stated that the “content [is] clearly at that line of what is campaign content.”

One thing is for sure, if Sanders faces any sort of backlash from the DNC, FEC, or otherwise, over a tweet that is clearly in line with what he has also consistently said in Senate, he will have an army of loyal supporters ready to go to battle against the establishment that many believe have been actively working against their candidate.

Bipartisan Report spoke to several supporters who echoed the same felling on the situation — “we’re ready.”

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