Jeb Bush: The Confederate Flag Is Not A Symbol Of Hate (Video)


Jeb Bush is opening his mouth about things he should probably just be quiet about.

In typical Bush fashion, the former Florida governor has put his foot in his mouth once again while discussing the Confederacy.

Unknowingly baited by a supporter slightly dumber than himself, it was mentioned that the supporter’s personal views on the matter were that there was no racism surrounding the Confederate Flag.

Jeb fell right into the trap, and so the quotes begins:

“Look, the Confederacy is a part of our heritage, and it should be respected like other parts. It doesn’t have to define who we are either. The problem with the Confederate flag isn’t the Confederacy, the problem with the Confederate flag is what it began to represent later. And that’s what we have to avoid to heal those wounds.”

Isn’t it lovely when White men speak on the “true” history of racism?

The presidential candidate went on to say that he believed it should be left up to individual states whether or not to display the symbols that, to so many, represent racial oppression that shaped their lives.

However, it was Jeb Bush who helped have Confederate Flags removed from Florida state buildings in 2001.

Also, in June of this year, Jeb Bush was quoted calling Confederate Flags a “racist” symbol.

He said that he was acting in order to prevent a “political fight,” but he is now saying that it should be up to the states themselves.

Could this be Jeb trying to pander to some of Trump’s racist followers, or is Bushy the fastest flip-flopper in history?

When the flags were moved to the state museums, Jeb said it was:

“..because it was part of our heritage, but it would not be a visible sign of what Florida is about.”

So a hidden symbol of hate is better?

We should hold on to symbols that hurt so many Americans simply because they are historical?

Why wouldn’t we do what Germany did after WWII and outlaw racist propaganda so that it never has to be seen again?

Wouldn’t that show the country’s respect for the Black sweat and tears that went into making America great?

Don’t they deserve that?

Bush did start to say one thing that signified that he had somewhat of a normal mental capacity, but that was very short-lived.

Bush replied this in response to the audience member who did not believe the flag to hold any racist meaning.:

“I’m not sure if you were a civil rights worker in the 1960’s trying to fight for equal rights for African Americans that they would necessary agree with you. And that’s the point. It isn’t the 19th century issue, it’s the 20th century issue.”

However, he is implying that the symbolism behind that Confederate Flag has changed from what it was during the Civil Rights Movement; that it’s somehow less horrible.

THAT is where you are dead wrong, Jeb.

Only for White people has the meaning behind that flag changed.

Black Americans remember exactly what that flag meant in their culture.

Video courtesy of Abe Wilkins via YouTube:

Source: Raw Story