Mormons Are Obsessed With ‘Star Wars’- The Reason Why Will Amuse You (Video)


The Mormon Church isn’t even trying to hide their crazy anymore.

The church has a huge obsession with all things “Star Wars,” and I guess that’s pretty old news.

Apparently when “The Empire Strikes Back” was released in 1980, it was reported that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was buzzing about it.

Some members actually believe that the character Yoda was loosely based on the leader of the Mormon Church from 1974-1985, Spencer Kimball.

While I do agree that Kimball greatly resembles the little green martian, the actual creator of Yoda, Stuart Freeborn claims Albert Einstein was his muse.

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Pictured Above: Yoda (left) and Spencer Kimball (right) Photo via Raw Story

Kimball also had a similar catch phrase that got people’s attention.

According to Raw Story:

“Kimball was known for urging Mormons to not just believe in their faith, but to ‘do it,’ while Yoda advised Luke to ‘do, or do not.'”

In this case, the proof is in the pudding!

Utah beat out every other state for the most “Star Wars” related Google searches from December 10th through December 17th.

Utah being an extremely Mormon state means that people in there are 25% more likely to search for information regarding “Star Wars” than Californians, who are the runners-up in this nerd race.

Utah also had two theaters ranking in the top ten theaters in the country to bring in the most “Star Wars” revenue.

That is pretty crazy!

The obsession with science fiction isn’t really too shocking when you think about the history of the religion.

Let’s just say it’s pretty hard to take it seriously with all the derpy magic going on.

A Mormon science fiction author by the name of Shannon Hale was quoted as saying this:

“Mormons believe a lot of things that are pretty fantastic — we believe in miracles and angels and ancient prophets and rediscovered Scripture — so maybe it is almost natural for us to dive into these other stories.”

Below is a video of the only evidence anyone has compiled in regards to this rumor. Beware, it is vast.

Video courtesy of oldmormonmovies via YouTube: