Wealthy Residents Panic When Black Group Of Men Stroll By But What Happened Next Was Amazing


A newly formed black acapella group from Louisville walked into a wealthy neighborhood dressed in dark baggy clothes, then broke out singing ‘Silent Night,’ delighting those who were nearby and bringing with them a little Christmas cheer.

As reported by WDRB, at first, the group of strangers to the neighborhood strolled into the Estates of Saratoga Woods, but the look of panic on people’s faces quickly turned to praise as the men began to sing acapella Christmas carols.

This wasn’t the first stop for the group Linkin’ Bridge.

In fact, they’ve been all over Louisville and the reactions were pretty much the same.

WDRB reports:

One man answered the door timidly, then called for his wife.

In a parking garage, the ladies stop in their tracks, then stuttered in disbelief.

An officer at a bank stood to attention the moment the guys entered — but by the end, he was singing right along.

“Pretty much the message is, whether you’re black or white, or whatever color, you can’t be judged by what you have on,” said Montre Davis of Linkin’ Bridge. “We weren’t there to do harm to anybody. We there to spread love peace and joy.”

And they did. Those listening suddenly had smiles on their faces while others took pictures of the group.


Louisville stand up comedian Tom Mabe came up with the idea.

Mabe is a well known prankster. He’s created quite a few videos during the last few years which make it impossible not to laugh.

“Today I’m bringing the hood to the burbs,” Mabe said in a video.

“You know, I had this prank idea for over a year, and I put on Facebook that I need four or five black guys who can sing their butts off,” Mabe said.

Mabe, the group’s manager, introduced the world to Linkin’ Bridge through the video which has now been viewed more than 2 million times and shared by celebrities.

“When he comes to you with this idea what are you thinking?” WDRB asked one of the singers.

“We’re going to get shot!” laughed Big Rome.

On Mabe’s Facebook page the description reads, “Known for getting Revenge On The Telemarketers Tom Mabe is a professional Prankster.”

In case you didn’t get enough of Linkin’ Bridge, enjoy:

Posted by Tom Mabe on Monday, December 14, 2015

Don’t judge a book by its cover or you could miss out on something amazing.

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Image: Screen grab.