Someone Set Houston Mosque Ablaze On Christmas


A mosque in Houston, Texas appears to have been the subject of possible arson on Friday, according to reports. Because of the holiday, few people were around so no one was injured.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Eighty firefighters were called to a fire at the Islamic Society of Greater Houston around 2:45pm local time (2045 GMT) to fight the two-alarm blaze.

Heavy flames inside the center, which is located in a shopping mall in southwest Houston, led firefighters to move cautiously throughout the structure which was damaged by the blaze. The fire also weakened the roof. Smoke damage was reported at the pharmacy next door.

Arson investigators are on the scene in order to determine the cause of the fire but officials say that they believe there are multiple origins of the fire and are investigating the incident as suspicious based on that finding.

Imran Momin, who owns the plaza, said, “With God’s grace, no one was hurt and nothing happened.”

Momin said. “It happened on Christmas, thank God, so God was looking out.”

He added that investigators have not told him how much damage was done or what caused the fire, according to the Houston Chronicle.

“I don’t know if it’s foul play or not,” he said.

Members of the mosque said surveillance cameras were inside the mosque.

Earlier today authorities in Hope, Arkansas, say arson is suspected at Bill Clinton’s birthplace on Christmas Day.

In that incident, Hope Fire Department Chief Dale said, “There’s just evidence and signs that we do believe it was intentionally set,” adding, “it will be investigated and handled as a potential arson fire.”

In addition to what Glanton described as “extensive damage” on the outside of the house, there is also smoke and water damage.

“This is a very important structure and house inside the city of Hope,” Hope Police Chief J.R. Wilson said. “It’s got a lot of historical value to it and stuff here, and like I said, it’s really historical piece of property in Hope…we really want to protect it and do the best job that we can do.”

Two fires on Christmas with one targeting a Mosque and the other targeting a former president who is married to a Democratic Presidential candidate.