STAFFER SPY: Sanders Campaign Says ‘It’s Not As If We Conjured Him From Thin Air’


Bernie Sanders and his staffers have a pretty good idea what happened with the recent data “scandal,” and they don’t believe it was just random bad luck.

Recently it was reported in the media that someone in Bernie’s campaign had broken the rules and accessed information that was off limits.

The information wasn’t printed or downloaded, just accessed.

What no one was asking themselves was why?

Why did this staffer access Hillary’s campaign information to begin with?

An adviser to Bernie’s campaign made a statement to Yahoo Politics in which he insinuated that the rogue staffer was planted to create said scandal.

A National Data Director, Josh Uretsky, was fired immediately after accessing the information; information that Bernie’s campaign believes was only accessed to try and slander Bernie’s good name.

Bernie’s campaign adviser makes a good point when he said:

“It’s not as if we conjured this guy Josh from thin air. This is an individual … who was recommended to us by the DNC and NGP VAN.”

So, in actuality, the ones responsible for the rogue staffer are actually the DNC and NGP VAN.

Raw Story reported this:

“Supporters of Sanders have complained that the DNC favors Clinton — the establishment favorite — noting that the Democratic debates have been scheduled on weekend evenings when viewership would be down, limiting exposure for the populist message of Sanders.”

Bernie’s adviser says that the employment references provided by Uretsky listed the DNC’s National Data Director, Andrew Brown.

Brown just so happens to work very closely with the shared voter file program that Bernie was blocked from entering after the incident occurred.

Bernie’s adviser said this about Brown:

“Andrew Brown spoke to us and gave him a positive review, as did this guy Bryan Whitaker.”

Bryan Whitaker is the COO of NGP VAN, a technology group.

These coincidences seem pretty convenient for the DNC, and Bernie doesn’t trust it one bit.

He has come out as a candidate against the establishment.

He wants to take America in a completely different direction, and that scares the piss out of conservative liberals like Hillary Clinton and her cronies.

Hillary has been very vocal about the fact that she is pro-capitalism, whereas Bernie wants America to be more of a commonwealth.

Can you imagine an America with very few homeless, virtually no poverty, a thriving middle class, green energy?

That can happen again.

These silly attempts by the DNC to infiltrate the campaign of a promising candidate only proves that they are running scared.

There are still intelligent Americans out there, although they do seem to be in hiding.

Those Americans will do right by this beautiful piece of land.

Being stuck with Hillary sounded quite amazing when she was the best we had.

Sure, she’s goofy as hell voting to go to war with Iraq and voting against gay marriage…but the alternative was, well, a Republican.

Hillary was looking pretty damn swell until this unknown came out of the woodwork with a hidden history of following through and voting liberal, even when it wasn’t the popular vote.