SURPRISE: Did Stephen Colbert Just Approve Of Donald Trump? (VIDEO)


America’s beloved funny man, Stephen Colbert, recently did an interview with CBS in which he says he respects aspects of Trump’s campaign.

Not any of the horrible things that come out of Trump’s mouth, per-say, but the fact that Trump is playing the citizens of this country like a fiddle.

Successfully, I might add!

Leading Republican candidates by 39% in the polls, Donald Trump has somehow managed to stay in the running for the presidency.

Throughout all this:

Literally, the list could go on, folks.

But through all of that REALLY un-presidential stuff, this a**clown has somehow managed to stay on top of the polls.

Colbert says that it is this Hitler-like ability to sway a crowd that he sort of respects:

“There’s a populism to Trump that I found very appealing. The party elders would like him to go away but the people have decided that he is not going to.”

“I may disagree with anything that he’s saying and think that his proposals are a little…well, more than a little shocking. But there is something really hopeful about the fact that, well, 36 percent of the likely voters want him so the people in the machine don’t get to say otherwise. That’s the one saving grace, I think, of his candidacy.”

“There sounded like there’s a little bit of Trump respect in you for his ability to channel the populist.”

How is Stephen Colbert not completely outraged at the thought of Donald Trump running this country?

Hell, why isn’t he pissed at Trump’s mounting list of insane actions?

I find it disheartening that Colbert seems giddy (possibly sedated) and lax when the rest of us Americans are on pins and needles, wishing 2016 were now.

Can you seriously imagine another year of this sh*t?

In this clip of the interview that airs on Sunday, December 27th, Colbert doesn’t mention who he is supporting.

Crooks & Liars gave this spin on the clip:

“And if he [Colbert] admires the idea of bucking the party machine, why not make mention of Bernie Sanders, who is also out there with his populist message and managing not to stir up a lot of hatred and bigotry all at the same time? Why not mention the candidate who is actually raising populist enthusiasm with real, honest-to-God policy ideas?”

They have a good point, Bernie is definitely the way to go for people who are sick of politicians.

Hillary Clinton has a track record of bending to the majority, even if the majority is voting to go to war for no reason.

So, in this election there is clearly only one candidate able to do some good.

The only candidate who has never backed down from something he believed in, even when it meant people thinking he was nuts.

Video courtesy of Tasha Davis via YouTube: