President Obama Interrupted His Hawaiian Christmas Vacation To Do This For Our Troops


In keeping with his annual Christmas tradition, President Obama and First Lady, Michelle paid their respects to the men and women who serve in our armed forces.

While on vacation in Hawaii, the Obama’s visited the Marine Corps base located in the historical Kaneohe Bay.

The Kaneohe Bay base was made infamous when it became the setting of what we now call Pearl Harbor.

Many call the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor the beginning of WWII, regardless, the base has maintained its historical and military attributes with 9,517 members of the United States military and their families living in the area.

In what will surely be misconstrued as an act of disrespect by conservatives, President Obama addressed the troops on Christmas day:

“As we know, when you’re deployed overseas, it’s tough. There are still folks over there every single day and it’s still dangerous, as we saw this past week, where we had some outstanding, brave men and women who were killed.”

“So we never take for granted what all of you do for the American people. You help keep us free. You help keep us strong. Whatever service you’re in, whatever branch, we are extraordinarily grateful for everything that you do every single day.”

The president kept a lighthearted spirit as he joked about using the Marine Corps gym with the active members:

“The only problem I’ve got when I’m here is having to work out with Marines in the gym. Because I generally feel like your commander in chief is in pretty good shape, and then I get next to some guy, you know, curling 100 pounds and it makes me feel small.”

He certainly has a profound way of speaking to people genuinely, and as if they are old friends, even loved ones.

The mutual respect was very evident throughout his speech.

President Obama seems to have a rapport with our troops that I have never seen with any other president.

While all presidents speak highly of the members of our military, they also sort of speak of them with less love.

Anyone with a working brain can see that the bond between Obama and the troops is genuine.

Maybe THAT is why our Commander and Chief isn’t so quick to send our troops off to die.

Maybe he sees them as brave human beings instead of just the defenders of our greed machine.

No matter the reason, there is nothing but respect to be had for President Obama’s handling of the people who literally protect us while we sleep for very little in return from the government or society.

Of course conservatives will take to their typical bullsh*t in finding a way to bash what Obama did..

As they have in the past, I am sure they will try to make his trip to Hawaii more about skipping church on Christmas than working on his annual vacation when he doesn’t actually have to.

Ugh, I’m so sick of that same old game.

Conservatives say crap that doesn’t make sense, they get fact-checked/reality-checked, and conservatives continue believing said debunked bullsh*t!


It is impossible to humiliate or shame people who are this stupid!

So in keeping it real for the liberal media, we want to say thanks, Obama!


Source: Addicting Info