Thousands of Teens Riot in Kentucky Mall for No Reason, Zero Arrests (VIDEOS)


Proving once again that militarized police only come out for “riots” that are politically motivated — violent chaos erupted in a Kentucky mall on Saturday night with as many as 2,000 teens and young adults participating in a massive brawl, and not a single arrest was made.

Police believe that the riot that broke out at the Mall at St. Matthews, a typically quiet suburb of Louisville, was unplanned — and was sparked by a series of unrelated fights throughout the mall involving youth from 13-years-old through their early 20s.

“I don’t believe this was organized, I believe this was random. I believe this was a by-product of juveniles congregating and there being some disturbances growing out of that. Fights if you will. Those kind of things and escalating out of control. As quick as we would get there, they would disperse move to another location and what we’ve tried to do is just to keep them moving,” Officer Dennis McDonald, a St. Matthews Police spokesman told local station WLKY.

The melee began at 7 p.m. and lasted for hours as fights spilled into shops and out into the parking lot.

When the incident began there were only six officers on duty at the establishment, but 50 officers from five different agencies quickly responded.

“As they were responding to those disturbances, others were breaking out. … Disturbances started to feed on themselves.” McDonald told NBC. “They were just overwhelmed with a number of calls for service and reports of disorder.”

Gunshots were also reported during the unexplained and apparently meaningless riot, though the department has stated that those reports have not yet been confirmed.

McDonald explained that by 8 p.m., officers were suggesting that stores close up for the evening to avoid the violence, several other businesses in the area also opted to close up shop.

“Businesses were in the process of closing their doors, steel grates, and you had juveniles that were not allowing businesses to close up — [they were] climbing on the grates,” the seemingly still frazzled McDonald explained.

“This was a riot,” he continued. “It was crazy.”

Despite the chaotic scene, no arrests were made and no major injuries were reported.

“Our officers, they showed great restraint,” McDonald said. “Officers were focused on dispersing crowds and keeping them moving.”

The mall does not appear to have been damaged, and opened at their regularly scheduled time the following morning.

While it was great that these teens were not met with militarized police and their chemical weapons or projectiles, one cannot help but notice the difference between this actually violent riot and the peaceful Black Lives Matter protest inside of Mall of America last week.

Judging by what we saw there, had this incident been politically motivated instead of “kids just being kids,” it is highly likely that we would have heard a far less pleasant ending to the situation.

Don’t worry folks, you can smash each others faces in and brawl in malls all you want, as long as you aren’t gathering to demand justice and accountability — it seems.

Featured image via Twitter