WATCH: Comedians ‘Feel The Bern’ By Downing Hot Sauce For #BernChallenge (VIDEOS)


The “Feel The Bern” movement is fun and shows people’s rapidly growing commitment to a man who very well could be our next president, Bernie Sanders. The movement, and Bernie’s popularity, is exploding across the country. Now, writer Wayne Gladstone has handed us one more opportunity to support the Sanders campaign. Gladstone created the #BernChallenge, and anyone can participate!

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The “Feel The Bern” Challenge. Image by Sarah Nichols via Flickr.

In this challenge, Gladstone urges people to donate three dollars to the Sanders campaign and make a video of themselves. Then he offers three choices of activities to include in the video: toss back a teaspoon of hot sauce, eat a hot pepper, or do some rigorous exercise. It wouldn’t hurt to do both, donate and down the hot sauce. It’s for a good cause!

Comedian and leading Fat Jew critic, Maura Quint, jumped on the idea. She put together a video showing herself chugging a spoonful of hot sauce, and then she donated to the Sanders campaign.

Watch the video here:

According to Bernie’s campaign site:

“We believe that Bernie Sanders should be the next President of the USA. We are a grassroots movement of individuals who are willing to Feel the Bern in order to spread the message about his campaign.”

The #BernChallenge site shows people how to record their own challenge video. Basically, it works like the extremely successful ice-bucket challenge for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), a disease that effects the nerve cells.

The Feel The Bern Challenge site easily shows how to take the challenge. If they want, there are links on the challenge site so people can also go to the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign site, donate to the Sanders campaign, sign up to vote, and volunteer. The purpose of the challenge tells it all:

“The #BernChallenge is intended to spread awareness of, and garner support for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Presidential campaign. The objective of this campaign is to bypass mainstream media, which has inherent conflicts of interest with Bernie’s message and instead to share it grassroots style, by saturating social media with individual endorsements from the masses. This project is 100% volunteer powered.”

What I want to know before I take this challenge, and I will, is how big does the spoon have to be? I’m talking inches.

Check out this Feel the Bern challenge video. It’s a good one.

What I want to know before I take this challenge, and I will, is how big does the spoon have to be? I’m talking inches.

[h/t @behindyourback]