GOP LAWMAKER: Rape In Marriage Is Non Existent


Rape is no joke. Still yet, sitting Texas state Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R) thinks rape is funny. Voters elected Stickland in 2013, and he is a libertarian closely aligned with Tea Party legislators.

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In recently revealed online comments, he reportedly joked:

Rape is non-existent in marriage, take what you want my friend!

Strickland’s Republican primary opponent, Pastor Scott Fisher, released the comments on The Quorum Report, which is an online subscriber news site with an emphasis on state politics.

Fisher alleges the representative responded to a man in 2008 who posted a complaint about his wife. The man said that during sex she refused to perform a specific sexual act. That is when Stickland made his joke.

Raw Story reports:

Stickland suggested in another comment that he wanted to cheat on a drug test.

They are stupid for doing this to me. I am the residential manager. Lead company in sales every month and now we will see how they respond,” Strickland allegedly explained. “I smoke weed MAYBE 2-3 times a year

The user called “Stick” later revealed that he had purchased a “detox drink” and was trying to hide it from his wife. He also said that he was looking for a “smoke buddy” and that anyone interested could contact him by email at [email protected]

Stickland, who describes himself as a “Christian conservative liberty loving Republican” on Twitter, said that “by the Grace of God my past sins are forgiven.”

This was Strickland’s response on Twitter after his comments were revealed:

Rape is rape whether or not the people involved are married or complete strangers. Rape is an act of violence against another.

Sexual assault is an act of…aggression and represents a complex problem with medical, psychological, and legal aspects.

The number of wives raped is higher than many people realize. According to the National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center:

Ten to fourteen percent of ever-married women have experienced at least one forced sexual assault by a husband or ex-husband.

Victims of marital rape, also called ‘spousal rape’ and ‘wife rape’, face a different set of circumstances from other victims. They live with their rapists:

In addition to the violation of their bodies, they are faced with a betrayal of trust and intimacy…wife rape victims are more likely to be raped multiple times compared with stranger and acquaintance rape victims.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is updating its own definition of rape:

Rape recognizes that victims of rape and perpetrators may be of either gender…Physical resistance is not required on the part of the victim to demonstrate a lack of consent.

Lawmaker Stickland appears to be clueless about his own state laws against marital rape:

In Texas, marital rape occurs when one spouse (the defendant) compels the other spouse (the victim) to engage in sexual penetration against the victim’s will, and also includes circumstances when the victim is mentally incapable of giving consent to sex (such as being in a coma or having passed out from drug or alcohol use.)

The punishment for rape is the same for spouses who rape as for other offenders, although it may be more difficult for the victim to prove that she didn’t consent to her husband than it would be to prove non-consent with a stranger.

Texas Penal Code § 22.011 & 22.021.)

If Stickland doesn’t even recognized marital rape is a crime, he will be surprised at the penalties in Texas penalties for raping his wife:

Penalties for sexual assault usually include a fine of up to $10,000, at least two (and up to 20) years in prison, or both.

Maybe someone will give Stickland a reality check next time he tries to joke about marital rape.

Image: Twitter.