Televangelists Say They Need Private Jets Because ‘Demons Fly Commercial’ (Video)


If you’ve ever wondered why some televangelists live so lavishly–mansions, expensive cars, private jets–you’ll be glad to know that two prominent TV preachers have an answer for why the private jets are such a necessity: demons are flying commercial. Someone call the FAA and let them know.

Kenneth Copeland: Image Via YouTube

On a recent episode of Believers Voice of Victory, Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis asserted that they need their private jets, with Copeland asserting a true minister cannot talk to God on a commercial flight:

“You couldn’t have done that on an airliner. Stand up and say “What’d you say, Lord? Okay? No? Yeah? And the guy sitting over there, saying, “What the hell does he think he’s doing?” You can’t do that! No, no…”

Copeland and Duplantis also claimed that a private jet such as the one owned by Oral Roberts is essential because it “protects the anointing.”

But the essence of the message from Brothers Copeland and Duplantis can be summed up thusly: Demons are traveling on the commercial airliners we all use. Yes, demons. Copeland was babbling on about how it’s a “dope-filled world” when he finally declared he simply cannot, will not “get in a long tube with a bunch of demons.”

So important is the private jet to his ministry, Copeland claimed, if he had to give it up, 90 percent of what he does (whatever that is) would have to abruptly end.

There’s no need to feel sorry for so-called “ministers” like Kenneth Copeland or Jesse Duplantis. They are rich beyond imagination and constantly getting gullible folks to donate more so they don’t have to lower themselves and travel with us middle-class demons.

Check out the video of Copeland and Duplantis whining

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