Police Bombed A City Block When Black Protesters Had An Armed Standoff- Killing 5 Children


Imagine that the heavily armed people who took over the federal wildlife refuge in Oregon were not white, but Black or Muslim? Would the illegal occupation go as smoothly? Not likely.

The last time Black protesters occupied a townhouse, not even a federal building, and were involved in an armed standoff, the police bombed an entire city block. Clearly, there is an absurdly racist double-standard in the media, among politicians, with the police, as well as us.

The son of Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who had his very own armed standoff in 2014, currently leads the heavily armed domestic terrorists in Oregon. The terrorists have occupied a federal wildlife refuge and are perfectly willing to use their weapons to fight what they think is a “tyrannical government.”

Groups such as these are called violent anti-government groups (VAG). They are armed, want to take land, and do not believe that the federal government has authority over them. They are prepared to use violence and act as if they are suicidal.

According to an MSNBC police consultant,

‘They think they are oppressed and live in a fantasy world. They actually want a violent encounter.’

Yet, if this occupation was peopled by Black people or Muslims, the mainstream media would jump to label any Muslim as a “terrorist,” “extremist,” or “jihadi,” and any Black person as a “thug” or “criminal.”

Imagine that a group of 150 black people or 150 Muslims decided to occupy a federal building? The media would start a blaze of crises fed by the fuel of political endorsements. Then the media would keep the fires burning, lest they die out before the news milked the last drop of advertising dollars.

Contrast that with police like the ones who shot 12-year-old child Tamir Rice to death less than two seconds after their patrol car screamed to a stop. The country has suffered a year of instant, execution-style violence toward unarmed Black men and children.

The xenophobia is no better in America. Ted Cruz, Republican presidential candidate, suggests he would “carpet-bomb” ISIS.  Make no mistake, he is proposing mass bombings of civilians in order to fight Islamic terrorists.

The lone survivor of a 1985 police attack, Ramona Africa, speaks about a group of Black people unwilling to leave their townhouse after a noise complaint.

‘After being attacked the way we were, first with four deluge hoses by the fire department and then tons of tear gas, and then being shot at—the police admit to shooting over 10,000 rounds of bullets at us in the first 90 minutes.’

‘Without any warning at all, the Philadelphia Police Department’s bomb squad flew over our home and dropped a satchel containing C4, a powerful military explosive that no municipal police department has…They had to get it from the FBI.’

‘And without any announcement or warning or anything, they dropped that bomb on the roof of our home.’

That bomb ignited a huge fire that burned out several near blocks, killing 11 people including five children.

The American Indian Movement (AIM) occupied the town of Wounded Knee, S.D. in 1973, and “demanded the federal government honor their treaties and grant the Indians greater control over their native lands.” As a result, the police, military, and FBI looked as if they were engaging in war. They turned the reservation into an all-out war zone, and snipers shot dead two AIM members.

The police are extremely patient, careful, and considerate to the white home-grown terrorists in Oregon. They should do the same with Blacks and Muslims. Anything less is hypocrisy of the highest order. Even if I am appalled by the disparity, and I am, have I done everything I can to change the situation? The answer is: probably not.