White Privilege: The Bundy Terrorists And Their Hate Of ‘Black Lives Matter’


If you’ve been online at all since Saturday, no doubt the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge outside of Burns, Oregon, has shuffled across your screen at some point. Armed, right-wing militants joined together with Ammon Bundy, son of infamous cowboy insurrectionist, Cliven Bundy, out of Nevada, to seize and occupy a bird sanctuary come hell or high water.

The move comes allegedly in solidarity to two ranchers convicted of setting fire to 127 acres of federal land in order to protect their own. They claim negligent land management on behalf of the government threatened the stability of their own land, so they took matters into their own hands and now they’re on the hook for it, whether they have a legitimate beef or not, and they very well may have. The government, however, claims the fires were cover for a poaching operation.

But despite the ranchers wanting nothing to do with these Yankee-doodle cowboys, a group of hardcore, conservative armed militants, fancying themselves a militia, joined with Ammon Bundy and associates, Saturday, to seize the Refuge, entirely prepared (they claim) to kill and be killed in order to stand their ground on behalf of the ranchers and against a “tyrannical government.” They stand for the real, true, older America. They stand for bomb-dropping eagles of fury, their eyes beaming lasers like the rocket’s red glare. They stand for “FREEDOM,” capital F-R-E-E-D-O-M, bub, and don’t you forget it! And most of all, right now, they stand for “revolution.” Or so they say…

But they don’t. Nope, sorry. They stand for counter-revolution, because a real revolution does not condone and perpetuate racism – it tears it down.

And make no mistakes about it, these snack-pandering zealots beating hearts stitched straight from Old Glory are racist. They’re not fighting for true restorative justice. They’re not fighting for true land rights, otherwise they’d be laying tobacco, banging the drum and standing with the Northern Paiute. They’re not even honoring the ranchers’ wishes.

No, they’re there playing Army, dreaming of conservative martyrdom and some kind of vague, white civilian uprising. Keep in mind some of these Oath Keepers, commonly referred to these days as “Vanilla ISIS,” are the same anti-government “revolutionaries” who inserted themselves into Ferguson, Missouri, during the protests following the Michael Brown shooting and court case in order to help “patrol the streets.” They worked right along with police. As Nicholas Pierce wrote in his fantastic Huffington Post piece, “The Whitest Privilege in Oregon,” “Apparently, blue lives only matter when they’re busting up civil rights demonstrations — but not at all when they’re jumping in front of bullets in abortion clinics or trying to apply the law to white criminals.”

They’re apparently more than willing to shoot a cop down in order to occupy a bird sanctuary as a final take-no-prisoners stance against the U.S. government, too. #BlueLivesMatter my ass.

As Pierce also points out, these are “the same people that skewer Black Lives Matter for being discordant and disruptive, the same people that post in my feed mocking Tamir Rice, the same people who post over and over again about how Eric Garner should have just followed the rules, and the same people that say Michael Brown deserved what he got for allegedly refusing to comply with police orders…”

These are just a few of the means for knowing this right-wing domestic terrorist group is racist as hell, and if you’re racist, you’re sure as hell not revolutionary, let alone waging a revolution.

This is how we know these soon-to-be-hungry Fox junkies are the furthest thing from revolution. This is how we know for a fact they are actually the counter-revolution, and if you’re counter-revolution is so far to the right that even the U.S. government – the establishment – is more revolution than your movement, it’s time to get your head checked.

Featured image via PBS NewsHour video screen capture.