LOOK: A Very Republican Montel Williams Takes A Stand On Gun Control (Image)


Montel Williams is an infamous talk show host, former Marine, and a proud Republican.  However, when it comes to gun control he’s not afraid to be vocal.  Yesterday, Williams took to Facebook to make clear the one issue he won’t disagree with President Obama on: his use of executive order to enact appropriate background checks on Americans who make gun purchases.

While many Republicans are outraged by Obama’s use of common sense and executive action, Williams seems to be one of the more sensible Republicans.  Unlike his quick-to-fire cohorts, Williams doesn’t see the Obama administration as infringing upon any American civil liberties.

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Williams is entirely right, and he made a point of drawing attention to the fact that Democrats and Republicans share a common belief in the controversy over gun control legislation: banning mentally ill individuals from having access to firearms. Many Republicans have defended their Second Amendment rights by arguing that the pandemic of gun violence is merely an issue of mental health, but what they fail to understand is that Democrats agree.

Obama’s exercising of his executive orders is an attempt to prevent guns from landing in the hands of those who are deemed mentally ill or unstable, and who are deemed unsafe to carry firearms.

“We can solve this problem in a way that protects society and the right to bear arms. It will require crossing the aisle and compromising. It will require both sides sitting down and agreeing we all want the same thing — for our children and loved ones to be safe.”

It makes no sense for individuals like Trump and Ryan to fly off the handle over this issue, when in reality, Obama’s goal has never been to target responsible gun owners.

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Williams puts it into perspective in an op-ed written for the Huffington Post:

“Universal background checks should be a no-brainer. Guns should not change hands without a background check. I cannot give my car to my children without filing a form with the DMV, and no one complains about that burden, nor do they suggest it’s a veiled attempt to de-car America.”

If you’re a law abiding citizen like Williams, would you not support implementing measures to ensure the safety of yourself and your fellow Americans? It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Obama wants to ensure the Second Amendment right of gun ownership remains intact while, at the same time, ensuring the safety of American citizens.

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