Stolen Valor: Militiaman Caught Lying About Being A U.S. Marine


Brian Cavalier, who wears military style clothing including a shemagh scarf often worn by soldiers serving in the Middle East, and has the code name “Fluffy Unicorn,” has never served in the military even though he’s been posing as a retired U.S. Marine.

According to the Daily Mail, Cavalier, 44, who is the personal bodyguard of Cliven and Ammon Bundy, boasted openly to members of the press that he is a Marine who served in Afghanistan and Iraq but that’s all a lie.

The Mail has discovered that Cavalier has faked his military background to appear more credible as part of a militia.

US Marine Corp records show that Cavalier has never served as a Marine.

Cavalier  joined the armed militia group which is currently occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, in a move the Bundy-led militia feigns to be about ‘freedom.’

Cavalier is often seen in press conferences flanking Ammon Bundy while outside the refuge they have seized.

So who is Cavalier really? Well he’s a tattoo artist from Arizona with a history of DUI and theft charges.

What he’s not is a Marine.

Cavalier has been arrested several times for DUI and one case of ‘extreme DUI’ in Arizona. And yet, he’s seen posing in pictures asleep with bottles of booze next to him.

Cavalier has only stated his name as ‘Fluffy Unicorn’ to the press.

The Daily Mail visited the refuge and ‘Fluffy’ said. ”I’m a retired United States Marine, I can rage,’ then he added that he served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Cavalier has even been seen wearing a ‘major league sniper’ cap.

When a reporter for the Mail tried to climb a wildlife observation tower which the militia is using as a guard tower, Cavalier yelled at reporters to get down.

Sure, get off the watchtower which the militia does not own and is on public property. This whole occupation idea wasn’t well thought out, especially when they claim to be peaceful protesters.

“Now we are at a cross hair where my men and photographs of aerial reconnaissance or photography is now putting people’s lives in jeopardy and I will be upset,” he said, adding, “I don’t know what the hell could happen, they could be out there with snipers and not know who you are.”

As it happens, Cavalier’s real nickname is, ‘Booda’ or ‘King Booda’ in reference to the large Buddha tattooed across his stomach.

Cavalier appears to have been working with Bundy for about two years now.

When the reporter confronted Cavalier over his fabrication of being a Marine, he responded, “That’s unfortunate that someone would say that.”

He was then asked if the reporter was wrong and Cavalier said, “I’m not commenting on anything, I told you what it is.”

Cavalier asked the reporter who the source was and was told it was the US Marine Corp (USMC) who confirmed he was never a Marine. Cavalier responded, “That’s unfortunate they would say that. It is what it is.”

The Stolen Valor Act of 2013 allows for prosecutions only if someone falsely claims to have a combat decoration, and does so with intent to obtain money, property or other tangible benefit, so we’re not sure if Cavalier is technically within the law or not – but he probably is, although morally it’s something the public shames a person for doing. Admittedly, we don’t know a lot about Stolen Valor but we’re sure Cavalier does.

Cavalier isn’t the only one.

Blaine Cooper, a member of the Arizona State Militia, falsely identified as a Marine in an interview in 2014

But we’re sure they’re doing it for freedom just like they said (wink wink).

This revelation adds more proof to the public’s perception of the armed group – they are wannabe soldiers who don’t have the guts to serve. And that could be why the group sent out an alert for snacks. A Marine would never stop in the middle of a mission to demand snacks. ‘Oh, sorry about that bin Laden raid thingy, but I wanted some Doritos and a hot pocket sammich.’

SMH. They sure don’t make ‘patriots’ like they used to.

Image: Twitter via the Daily Mail.