WATCH: Not Even Fox News Is Willing To Give Armed Oregon Militants Respect


The armed militants at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge outside Burns, Oregon, are such a joke not even Fox News is giving them respect.

Bungling “revolutionary” Ammon Bundy, son of the infamous Cliven Bundy of the 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff, got himself all afluster talking to Megyn Kelly, Monday, when she refused to play ball with the would-be effectual leader. Kelly asked Bundy:

“You know the argument on the other side: These ranchers – who you support but are not directly involved [with] – had their day in court. They were found guilty, and it went all the way up to the US Supreme Court, which denied their appeal. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work in our country when it comes to rule of law?”

And that’s all it took for Bundy to try his best to play his cards, only to have Kelly upturn the entire table on him. Bundy responded, “Yeah, well let me ask you – and I’m sure you know the answer – who was the plaintiff?”

Instead of answering Bundy’s question, though, Kelly merely responded, “Keep going.”

Bundy then repeated the question, to which Kelly responded, “I’m waiting for you to make your point. Generally I don’t answer the questions on my show; I ask them.”

Like a meek little bird, Bundy then said, “Oh,” carrying on from there to point out that the plaintiffs and prosecutors in the case against the Hammonds, the ranchers Bundy and his armed goons are allegedly acting in solidarity with, were acting on behalf of the federal government. Both Dwight and Steven Hammond have publicly stated they don’t want the armed, right-wing militants’ help and have already turned themselves in for their next stretch of incarceration for illegal open burning, which the federal government claims was nothing more than a cover-up for a poaching operation.

Bundy tripped over himself again when he stated his brother Ryan’s testament to be willing to “kill or be killed” over the issue was taken out of context, which is absurd since Ammon, himself, stated in a press conference that he would be willing to use force, if necessary. That didn’t stop Ammon Bundy from telling Kelly, “I’ve already talked to my brother about that. No, I wouldn’t agree with it, because it wasn’t his statement.” Bundy failed, however, to point out the “proper” context for Ryan Bundy’s statement.

You can watch Bundy make a fool of himself, and his cause, below:

Featured image via Fox News video screen capture.