HYPOCRISY: Facts Show Majority Of Federal Aid Goes To Conservative States


Federal aid is one of the more popular issues that conservative candidates like to harp on. The line usually goes that Democrats make people dependent on welfare, and that hurts the country. This gets their base all riled up and ready to vote against liberal candidates to protect their tax dollars.

Yet, their idea that liberal states take in the most federal aid actually isn’t true. Surprising, I know.

The Tax Foundation released a new report Wednesday that shows conservative states are actually more reliant on federal aid than their liberal neighbors. They analyzed census data from each state to come to their determination. Out of the top ten conservative states in the country, five of them are the most reliant states in the country.

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Via AddictingInfo

Yes, I know, I can actually taste the irony through my computer screen, but the numbers don’t lie. Mississippi and Alabama are not only the most right wing states, but are the most reliant. The entire South takes in huge amounts of aid money every year, and yet they complain the most about money being spent on those same programs.

On top of that, states like California and Washington state, long considered liberal bastions, are less dependent on government money than the entire Deep South region. Illinois and Wisconsin are also much less dependent on government money.

The most interesting state, to me at least, is Virginia. It’s a deeply divided state politically, with the southern half being solidly conservative and the northern half, including the District of Columbia, are much more liberal. It’s the least dependent state in the entire South.

It really goes to show you how conservative voters are convinced to vote against their own interests on a regular basis. They get told that people are taking advantage of the system and stealing their tax dollars through government programs. However, those same voters are probably taking federal money to begin with!

Of course, they are the “good ones” who take federal money, and it’s the other people taking it that are the problem in their minds. It actually makes me feel sad; these people, who probably need the money, are sold a bundle of lies by conservative ideologues and then have the money they desperately need taken away from them.

Why? So that the wealthiest members of society can get away with a little bit of extra money after taxes. That is, if they even pay their fair share to begin with. Once again, right wing ideologues trying to save their corporate taskmasters a little extra cash at the expense of the average American.

One can only hope that the average vote will start to get wise on the tricks that these politicians play in order to make the wealthy even more wealthy. The upcoming election will definitely be the time to see if that happens. I won’t exactly be holding my breath on that one, but I will be silently hoping, just a bit, that there is a turnaround.