Trevor Noah Brutally Slams Fox Host For Saying Obama Used An Onion To Cry Over Newtown (Video)


By an order of magnitude, President Obama’s speech this week on gun control was one of the more powerful speeches he has given since taking office. The image of him wiping away tears while remembering all the mass shootings of the past year was totally heartbreaking.

Yet, for some people on the right, even one of the most human moments of his presidency has to be some kind of conspiracy. Some Fox News pundits did the standard line of “what about this other event?” in order to derail the conversation.

Then there was the allegation of conspiracy. Andrea Tantaros, a Fox News contributor, actually alleged that the President used raw onion to make himself appear to cry during the speech.

Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, was having absolutely none of it. He was baffled that Tantaros could claim such a thing, yelling “Are you f**king kidding me?” Sadly, it seems like she wasn’t.

It takes a lot of nerve, or perhaps the lack of a heart, to think that Obama needed to fake sorrow for the deaths of innocent people. Especially since he was talking about the deaths of 20 children in Newtown, CT. only a few short years ago. How cynical do you have to be to think that he would honestly do that?

Just to illustrate how out of touch she is about this, even Donald Trump thinks that the President’s tears were real. When Donald Trump, of all people, is able to see the truth but you are unable to, you have some serious problems to deal with.

Trevor Noah’s rage at this lunacy is exactly what many Americans are feeling right now. So many of us are sick and tired of hearing about mass shootings in the news as often as we hear about the weather. For years we have demanded that our government do something to stem the tide of death and misery, and for years they have sat on their hands.

Now, the President is seeking to do something about it, and I applaud him for it. His ideas would help solve the problem, unlike the right wing, who would see this country become some kind of perverted Wild West film where anywhere can become the scene of a shootout.

See the full Daily Show clip here: