WATCH: Jeb Bush Goes Full Racist Blaming Black Parents For Crime


Presidential candidate Jeb Bush was asked about his opinion on protests in Baltimore and Ferguson, which were due to racial profiling of Black Americans by police officers. Bush didn’t seem to hesitate before placing blame onto the families who’ve lost their young loved ones in these tragedies.

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Think Progress documented his Q & A with employees of the pharmaceutical company Nephron, where he ended up discussing his opinion regarding the protests in Ferguson and Baltimore:

“Kids in this country are aimlessly wandering around in their lives because they’ve never been told they were capable of learning,” Bush said. “They’ve never been challenged to achieve far better. They’ve never really had the kind of mentoring and nurturing that gives them the sense their lives could be better. You see what happens in Baltimore and Ferguson. You see the tragedies play out. You see people becoming so despondent they take actions that are horrific.”

Bush spoke with a more nuanced tone than many of his Republican cohorts, but still exuded the same level of white privilege we’re used to hearing.  Bush essentially blamed the parents of children in situations of police brutality – missing the most obvious place to lay blame.

During an interview with CBS Miami, Bush was questioned about his daughter Noelle’s drug usage and criminal past.  Bush was asked if he felt he was in anyway at fault for his daughter’s actions by being away from home.

“I can’t blame myself. That’s not gonna solve any problems, and you just can’t do that.”

Bush made it clear he didn’t feel he was to blame – which is very contradictory to his previously stated opinion in regards to civil rights protests in Baltimore and Ferguson.

It seems like the parents are to blame for children’s behavior until he’s actually faced with a similar situation himself.

If that weren’t enough, Bush also signed a law that increased mandatory minimums for drug-related offenses in the state of Florida.

Both of his children have walked away after breaking the law without repercussions.  His daughter Noelle attempted to purchase Xanax with a forged prescription and his son George P. Bush walked away unscathed after being arrested for breaking and entering his ex-girlfriends house while drunk at the age of 18.

Yet according to Bush, none of these things are his fault.  But as soon as the situation involves a Black family, it becomes the responsibility of the parent to ensure their child abides by the law.  It’s exactly these nonsense double standards that are so damaging to the lives People of Colour.