Allahu Snackbar: ISIS Is Encouraging More Oregon Takeovers In America


We’ve all been calling the militants at the refuge near Burns, Oregon, ‘Y’all Qaeda’ on social media then laughing and laughing and laughing.

‘Ha ha,’ we all said, then gifted them with more nicknames like Vanilla ISIS. But now we find that ISIS supporters are urging American sympathizers to try to instigate more anti-government demonstrations like the armed takeover of the federal building.

The Washington Post reports:

A Twitter posting addressed to members of the Islamic State community describes the ongoing occupation by armed rancher Ammon Bundy and his fellow activists as a “key opportunity,” and suggests that Islamists should do what they can to help them.

It urges sympathizers of the organization also known as ISIS and ISIL to encourage the Oregon protesters—using messages sent from accounts with American-sounding names—and to suggest more targets for future take-overs.

“A mass mobilization of anti-government rebels could occur,” said the message, posted to the account of a self-identified Iraqi supporter of ISIS who calls himself Abu Adriatic Irhabi. “These rebels have military experience and are trained in warfare. They may be able to degrade and destroy their corrupt, evil, and oppressive government, or at the least severely damage its operations.”

The posts instruct Islamists to avoid inviting the protesters to convert, but instead it encourages them to act as “everyday Americans supporting their cause.”

It goes on to give them tips on how to accomplish this.

It gets better.

The message then advises using racist and anti-immigrant language but it adds, “not all are racists so be careful” when opposing “ni**ers, ‘negresses” and ‘niglets’….”

“Give them ideas for warfare, strategies, tactics,” the message says. “Suggest targets for them.”

Who saw this coming (besides all of us):

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Don’t you like how the message calls on targeting black people using racial slurs to encourage the Oregon Occupiers, then adds “not all are racists”?

ISIL sympathizers should just gift the militants with snacks then they can chant Molon Labe while walking off into the sunset as they discuss how much the two groups have in common, like taking over governments for their God. There’s a different God in play here, but the same message. Allahu Snackbar!

We’re sure that Donald Trump can identify with this because he was featured in a video used to recruit members for the terrorist group ISIS (ISIL, Islamic State or Daesch). Also, a Trump campaign official just joined forces with the militants in Oregon, so there’s that, too.

We hope they’re all very happy together.

Image: Social media.