INSTANT KARMA: Oregon Plumber Fired For Yelling Racist Slurs At Arab Woman (Viral Video)


Uh oh, this guy got caught on video pulling his car beside a woman of Jordanian descent and yelling Hispanic racist slurs at her.

He was driving a red SUV on the Tualatin-Valley Highway in western Oregon, when he moved parallel to Susan Khalaf. As soon he was alongside her, he began shouting “wetb*ck” repeatedly.

Little did he know that he was on video. Khalaf began filming him when his car was even with hers. She caught him chanting “b**ner” and “wetb*ck” at her.

Then, Khalaf responded with:

‘You’re an idiot, I’m a f*cking Arab.’

She told the local news station KGW that she was curious about how he would respond when she corrected him:

‘I wanted to see his reaction, because if he’s this racially infuriated by Hispanics, I’m curious to see what his reaction would be with all the — everything going around about Arabs now.’

Then, according to KGW, she posted the entire incident on YouTube.

Khalaf was born in California and currently lives in Oregon, and she has always lived in this country. She posted the video to expose the man who verbally abused her, and the video was widely shared.

Police said that the man did not commit a crime, but they are going to speak to him.

Little did the man know, his boss at Wolcott Plumbing would see the video. His boss was not pleased and he lost his job because of it. The man worked for the company as a plumber.

A company representative wrote to KGW:

‘First of all, this is a very upsetting situation. Under no circumstances do I personally nor do we as a company condone the use of abusive language of any kind to anyone. Upon further investigation today, I learned and confirmed it was one of my employees in the video. This employee was immediately terminated.’

Payback bites.

Watch video of the encounter, as posted to YouTube, here: