WATCH: Affluenza Teen’s Mom Whines That Her Jail Cell Isn’t Nice Enough (Video)


Her jail cell is not up to her standards. It is too small. The furniture lacks style, and her neighbors are too noisy. Did I mention that Tanya Couch is the mother of the “Affluenza Teen?”

Ethan Couch, 18, killed four people in a crash when he was driving his truck while legally drunk. A psychologist testified that the teen suffered from “affluenza,” because as a spoiled rich kid, he couldn’t tell the difference between right and wrong.

The affluenza defense in his trial netted the young man 10 years of probation. All he had to do was not drink. Then he let himself get caught on a video at a party where alcohol was served. So Ethan and his mother went on the lam.

There are places where people can go without fear of extradition. Unfortunately, a resort in Mexico was not one of those places.

The two were apprehended when one of them ordered a pizza delivered to their hideout condo in Puerto Vallarta. They apparently do not watch enough television to know that U.S Marshalls can track their calls.

Officials contacted the Mexican immigration authorities, who arrested them. In an attempt to fight deportation, they filed a writ of Ampara, which is the Mexican equivalent of a writ of habeas corpus:

‘Defendants who want to challenge the legality of their imprisonment — or the conditions in which they are being imprisoned — may seek help from a court by filing an application for what is known as a “writ of habeas corpus.’

Tanya Couch went to jail in Texas for helping her son violate his probation by fleeing.

Tarrant County Sheriff, Dee Anderson, described Couch as a “woman with means,” complaining that the jail cell does not suit her tastes, that it is not up to her standards. It may not have occurred to Couch that being jailed is the punishment.

Sheriff Anderson spoke at a news conference on Friday. He responded to Couch’s grievances by noting that people who suffer from “poorlio” instead of “affluenza” know that their new residence “is a jail, not a resort.”

The distraught socialite appeared in court for the first time facing charges of “hindering the apprehension of a felon.”

Ethan Couch has not yet been returned to the U.S. His mother has been returned to her less than elegant jail cell.

Video courtesy of AP via YouTube: