TRUMP UNHINGED: ’ Says ‘I Have More Respect For Women Than Hillary Clinton’ (VIDEO)


When pushed to the wall by Fox News’ Chris Wallace during an interview, Sunday, Donald Trump clarified that he is not calling Hillary Clinton a “victim” when he dredges up Bill Clinton’s infamous affair with Monica Lewinsky, even going so far as to say the former president is every bit of a rapist as Bill Cosby, but that Hillary is, in fact, an “enabler.” He followed up the statement by saying, “There’s no feeling sorry for Hillary… I have more respect for women than Hillary Clinton…. [Bill Clinton’s] fair game.”

When Wallace pointed out Trump’s comparing the sax-playing former president to Bill Cosby, the Donald replied, “No, I’m not doing that. I mean, that’s totally up to the public…. It’s not up to me.”

Forget for the moment that putting the two side by side does, in fact, implies meaning of an easily guessed sort in this case. While Trump must admit he put the two side by side for some reason, he denies having anything to do with what the public may conclude from such an action. Perhaps he does have some politician in his blood, after all.

But after Wallace points out the distinction that Lewinsky, while still inappropriate on Clinton’s behalf, did consent to “sexual relations” and that the women in Cosby’s case say they did not, Trump responds, “Well, you’re not talking about Monica, you’re talking about many…. If you read the book, the book has other ones that were really horrible. You have one being – accusing of rape and other things.”

So Trump is saying Lewinsky wasn’t alone. There were several “other women” and in some cases, considering Bill Clinton’s power and the circumstances of the case, “rape” would not be an out of line label for what occurred. Bill Clinton may be every bit the rapist Bill Cosby is highly alleged to be, Trump is saying, which to him, make Bill fair game, especially because he is currently campaigning for Hillary. Trump also feels Hillary’s willingness to stay on and work with Clinton under the shadow of all that shows poor judgment, character, and suggests she doesn’t respect women as much as he does.

Look, he was impeached. He lost his law license – couldn’t practice law. He had to pay a massive fine or a massive amount of money to – whether it’s Paula Jones, whoever – and this was all done in the White House… Not a good situation.

Trump continued, “Now, had she not mentioned ‘penchant for sexism’ to me – ‘penchant’ – I have a ‘penchant’ for sexism. I have more respect for women than Hillary Clinton has. I have more respect than Hillary Clinton, okay? I will take far better care of this country than Hillary. So, I thought it was appropriate. I mean, to be honest. I thought it was appropriate. He’s campaigning for the wife. She said I have a ‘penchant’ for sexism, which I don’t. But that’s what she said.”

All this is really adult political trappings for the tried and true, juvenile finger-pointing, “She started it.”

Then, when Wallace attempted to point out to Trump that many, even on the conservative side, say Trump’s “victim blaming” is going to backfire on him, the Donald clarified that Hillary Clinton, as far as he is concerned, is no victim. He responded to Wallace’s prompt, “No, no, no. She’s not a victim. She was an enabler.”

Just the odd way Trump said, “enabler,” suggests he knew he was stepping into dangerous territory. He almost didn’t say it at all, and the way the word was broken up in the process almost made it come across subliminally, which is the same tactic he used in placing Cosby and Clinton together in one of his latest ads. Trump spoke “enabler” so oddly that Wallace had to ask him if that’s what he’d said: “She was an enabler?

“Yeah,” Trump said. “She worked with him. I mean, she was — some of the women have been totally destroyed. Some of these women have been destroyed, and Hillary worked with him. I mean… there’s no feeling sorry for Hillary in this situation. And all you have to do is look at some of the facts, look at some of the settlements. There’s no feeling sorry for her.”

Hillary Clinton, in the meantime, has issued a New Year’s resolution to ignore Trump the best she can.

They say all is fair in love and war. Donald Trump sure isn’t giving his old friend Hillary Clinton any love, so this must be war.

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