No Peace With A Piece- Will Texas’ New Open Carry Law Bring Guns Into Churches? (Video)


The new law allowing “open carry” in the state of Texas came in the turn of the New Year. Texas, has nearly a million gun owners, some of which celebrated the new law by exercising their right to protest at the strike of midnight outside the state house.

Some Catholic administrations are prohibiting new ‘open carry’ laws in places of worship. Their motivations being that guns within a church will prevent worshipers from feeling comfortable and safe in a place of refuge. State law requires religious institutions to reinforce their prohibition with the putting up of ‘no guns’ signs.

Places of worship, historically, have always been places of refuge. The offering of refuge has always been an inclusive offer to different people in a multiplicity of situations. Potentially the presence of guns could undermine this condition. The violence and suffering conflict brings is an ideological antithesis to all the world’s religions, and so it is clear why some places of worship choose prohibition.

Other Churches in Georgia and Illinois have implemented the same rules in response to the changing of their state’s law. In contrast, some Texan religious leaders have decided to embrace new state gun laws in a probationary context.

Some businesses and churches could lose loyal customers/worshipers due to intimidation or boycotting. Across the US the 2nd Amendment is a hugely dividing issue, splitting the population in two.

Each gun-related death serves to intensify each side’s argument, and their division. The argument is somewhat paradoxical, some people want guns for protection against guns, others want more regulation for protection against guns. Unfortunately, in current times of fear, because of conflict abroad and high media saturation, I feel from an outside perspective that the pro-gun side will continue to gain ground.

America is the most armed nation, spending $598.5 billion on its military last year, which accounted for 54% of the federal spending. It’s not hard to see what Eisenhower alluded to when he said:

‘This conjunction of an immense military establishment and large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence – economic, political, even spiritual – is felt in every city, every state house, every office of Federal Government… We must not fail to comprehend its grave implications.’

Since saying this, the situation has only intensified. From my imperfect island, the potency of US culture is strongly felt as it is elsewhere in the world. Whilst many aspects of the nations entertainment is enjoyable, it’s clear to see where such extreme problems manifest.

My own confusion, as a British citizen, as to why you want to take a gun to church at the very least alludes to this being an inherently cultural problem. Somewhere along the way, lady liberty’s compassionate and welcoming bosom became a bear trap.

Video courtesy of The Alex Jones Channel via YouTube:

Source: Think Progress