WATCH: Crowd Cheers As Bundy Militants’ Spokesman Kicked Out Of Town Meeting


Conservative talk show host and Y’all Qaeda spokesperson Pete Santilli attended a Harney County meeting Monday night. It didn’t go down well for him.

We’re not sure why Santilli thought he would be welcomed at the meeting, because the exact opposite happened to the man who once threatened to shoot Hillary Clinton ‘in the vagina.’  After disrupting speeches at the meeting, Santilli was kicked out while the residents cheered.


Dave Killen of the Oregonian tweeted updates from the meeting, which make it clear that the residents do not want the Bundy militia there.

Schools have reopened but the doors will remain locked due to the militia’s presence.

Sheriff Ward again asks that the Occupiers go home.

Rep. Cliff Bentz, a Republican, read a list of laws the militants have broken.

On Bundy cutting government fences:

Send the bill to the Bundys.


As a shock to no one ever, the presence of armed wannabe soldiers is frightening.

“We can’t get things back to normal until we unite as a community and ask these folks to go home so we can start working together,” said Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward, as the crowd cheered.

“They clearly have their own agenda here,” one woman said, adding, “and they’re not thinking about what is best for Harney County and our citizens. They’re thinking about what’s best for them and their own agenda. If they cared about Harney County they would be asking every single one of us to take polls, and they don’t need guns to do that.”

People in the community once again urged the armed protesters, who took over the headquarters for the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, to leave. When one person suggested sending an invoice to the Bundy militia, attendees at the meeting cheered.

That apparently fell on deaf ears because Santilli isn’t getting the message. In a video he uploaded, he’s calling them ‘communists’ because they did not want his disruptive presence at a meeting for the residents of the community. He’s calling it ‘unconstitutional.’

Image: Twitter.