WATCH: This Liberal Live Tweeted A Donald Trump Rally And It Couldn’t Be More Entertaining (VIDEO)


If you’ve seen a Donald Trump campaign event on television, then you know it’s a mixture of Barnum and Bailey circus and Nuremberg rally circa 1933. It’s more than a bit surreal, and in that respect, you can say that it perfectly reflects the personality of the candidate.

Take a look at this video compilation of Trump on the stump and you’ll see what I’m talking about:

But now, thanks to a Twitter user who goes by the name “Daniel Danger,” we have a minute-by-minute look inside a Donald Trump rally, and it’s both funny and disturbing at the same time. Let’s join Daniel Danger now as he reports from the belly of the beast:

At this point, the embedded media correspondent is not even inside of the event, but he gets in and continues his report:

Time for the National Anthem, which is also an experience, Daniel tells us:

Also, Trump just loves to say how he packs every arena where he holds a campaign event. But is that true?

Is anyone even gonna speak at this so-called rally? Yes, finally, someone did:

Yes, the stormtroopers–uh, I mean police–will be glad to help remove all of those who disagree with Herr Trump or dare to voice any opinion that differs from his.

Is Trump planning to show his face? But of course:

Oh no, some protesters showed up and began shouting!

How can you possibly put an exclamation point on the entire evening? This should do nicely:

How does one respond to such stupidity, such idiocy, such a blatant attempt by a group of people who place blind faith in one egomaniacal man who knows less about running the country than a blue tick hound? There is really only one way:

Make America great again? I have a suggestion: Deport Donald Trump for starters.