Co-Founder Of Anti-Obama March Shot Between The Eyes By Organizer Over Gun Dispute


An anti-Obama group’s plan for a cross-country march to “restore America” — which is related to the Oregon nature preserve armed standoff — isn’t going down well after the organizer shot the other co-founder dead (pictured) in an argument over a gun. At least one of the men was drunk at the time of the shooting.

The group’s Facebook page is littered with language about God and the Constitution, because deities always get inebriated before the next purge I guess.

Raw Story reports:

Sheriff’s deputies in Grayson County, Texas, have not released details about the fatal shooting, but social media posts by right-wing “patriots” associated with militants occupying an Oregon nature preserve identified the victim and shooter as the organizers of the Paul Revere 2016 Final March To Restore America.

“Dear friends it’s my dearest regrets to have to share this heart breaking new (sic) with you tonight. That OUR fellow patriot and brother Charles Carter is no longer with us. He gone to be with Jesus. Today killed by a fellow patriot Vincent Smith. Who was suppose (sic) to be his brother in arms and friend,” posted online radio host Keith Williams, who identified himself as the victim’s next of kin and shares posts from Jon Ritzheimer, another ‘patriot’ involved with the Bundys.

Bill Williamson, who is associated with the Oregon militants, said in a Facebook post that Smith shot Carter in a drunken argument over a gun.

Williams said Carter was drunk and pulled Smith’s gun from its holster, but Smith drew a “spare gun” and shot his friend in the head. Williams was busy last night commenting on President Obama’s State of the Union speech. For example, he wrote, in part, “fuck off you lying piece of shit, you don’t know who we are….you don’t even know who you are you lying bastard of an African gang bang.”

And in another post, he writes, “I can’t watch another second unless you tell me he will somehow die before the speech ends….”

Well Obama didn’t die and Carter did. Wishing death upon someone only tempts fate.



Posted by Charles Carter on Saturday, January 9, 2016


Williamson said that he was told by Smith that U.S. Marshals determined that the fatal shooting was in self-defense.

The 3% Idaho militia group also showed up last week to safeguard the perimeter of the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The group also confronted the FBI — and the feds did nothing.

One of the 3%ers  said that Carter “violated one of the first rules of firarms (sic) safety.”

“NEVER mix guns & booze,” said Joe Bleaugh. “Charles got drunk and belligerent and took away his friend’s sidearm and threatened him with it; at which time his friend drew his backup weapon and fired to defend his own life.” This is why it is a ‪#‎felony‬ for an intoxicated person to be in possession of a firearm. Guns and booze do not mix. End of story, and unfortunately the end of Charles’ life. What a waste, & by his own hand!,” he added.

The march which was organized by Carter and Smith in the hopes of removing President Obama and congressional leaders from office before November’s elections, just hit a snag.

“It is being planned as a march/caravan starting from multiple points on the west coast, and advancing across America gathering steam and troops, with its final destination Washington DC and Final Aim at removing the corrupt leadership that has taken over our beloved country and ousted her God and constitution,” Smith wrote in a Facebook post last month.

According to another ‘patriot,’ Carter was shot between the eyes.

According to Raw Story, the rally’s ‘national road captain’ stepped down last weekend. Bummer.

Featured image: Screengrab via Facebook.