Hillary Clinton: First Female President?


hillary Hillary Clinton: First Female President? Election 2016
What would it mean if Hillary Clinton were to become the first female president? On The Ellen Show, Hillary discussed the mine field that is female representation in a political setting, stating “If you are forceful, you’re too forceful. If you’re not forceful enough, you’re not tough enough”. This statement points towards a fundamental problem with our perceptions of gender, but also of our perceptions of what we look for in a leader.

Mrs. Clinton’s awareness of what it means to be a female politician shows promise for the kind of leader she will be. The inclusiveness and compassion she embodies is reminiscent of a young America that, in more recent times, has lost its way. For this reason, we can only hope she does not succumb to the pressures of male politicians, that may try to sway her actions by undermining her refreshing female leadership.

Mrs. Clinton’s approach to gun control and ‘ammosexuals’ could see retaliation coming her way from those whose masculinity must be augmented with weapons of death. However, more empathetic voters are crying out for a candidate that will bring an end to the unregulated chaos that has manifested in recent times. Female leadership could usher in a change for the better, creating a fairer and safer US for all. One way this will be achieved is by providing rationality to combat the neo-conservative hysteria created in relation to threats both in the US and abroad. Another way would be by providing a structured and coherent plan in dealing with these various threats.

Mrs. Clinton has shown the level of her empathy with her support for the LGBT community. Her policies also show a movement towards a fairer redistribution of wealth by raising taxes for Americans earning over 5 million. Could Hillary Clinton be just what the US needs? A figure-head for female empowerment and a refreshing approach to leadership that means a fairer, safer, more welcoming US for all.